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Ordered a over sized sofa chair on jan 23rd. Received email on jan 30th stating that the chair had shipped and to expect phone call with in 5 to 7 business days to set up delivery in our area. We were never contacted so called shipping company for status. After a wild goose chase to track down chair we were informed that the chair was never shipped, was sitting in warehouse entire time. Home cinema blamed the shipping company, shipping company blamed home cinema, nobody wants to take blame for mistake.
After nearly a month from purchase, the chair was delivered. This is what they do not communicate to you and this is how they get you. The driver will “drop off” the item. The driver will not come inside home. Driver was 2 hours late from 3 hour wait window. By the time he showed up to house it was 730pm and was dark. You must sign for the furniture but what they fail to tell you is that when you sign the delivery slip you are signing that the item is in “good condition” (in print so small unless you have a microscope you will not see it.” you are expected to fully inspect the item, meaning, completely unwrap it, check every nook and cranny, sit on it, use it, make sure all parts are there before you sign and before driver leaves. This is unrealistic for several reasons. A throughout inspection could take hours to see all damage. Drivers are on a schedule and want to “dump and go” second if you are a petite female like me, in this situation the chair was bigger then me, was wrapped like a mummy and was so heavy could not be lifted to inspect underneath. Unlike every other purchase where a delivery slip signature simply states that you received the shipment, this deceptive trade practice indicates that once you sign, you are releasing them from any liability unless you specifically write on the box the item is damaged, broken etc.

After driver left, it took almost an hour our to fully unwrap chart only to find that the chair was broken in 2 pieces. Contacted the driver he stated that he is”just the driver” contacted home cinema within an hour of drop off. Instructed to send and email with pictures. Pictures were taken, emails were sent. No response from company. The person who answers the phone at home cinema center, is also the same person who is the operator, customer service representative, manager and president…it’s a one man show and a joke of a business!
We had to get the credit card company involved to finally get a response. We were given a choice of returning the chair and paying for shipping and a 20% re-stock fee, even though chair was damaged or have someone come out to “repair” the short, we are stuck with a broken chair that we paid $800 for. A costly mistake on our end for not making the driver wait 2 hours so a military inspection could be performed before signing. Yet after speaking with others who were in the same situation and did everything according to protocol ex”: call within 48 hours, write “damaged” on delivery slip, take pictures etc they still were not resolved with a refund or new chair so i’m not confident had we handled this differently we would have been compensated anyways. Home cinema said they would pay for repair. They sent a repairman, he said it would cost $325 and upward and home cinema stated after the fact that they would only cover $125 of the repair. Our plans for ordering the matching sofa and loveseat from home cinema end here. Save yourself the time and headache and go to a reputable business with customer service.

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  • Br
      28th of Nov, 2018

    Ordered a piece of furniture from this company online. Was supposed to receive it before Thanksgiving and the shipping company they contracted with said their truck broke down and couldn't deliver. Six days go by and they finally deliver the box. The box had a 2' rip down the side and it caught my attention. Upon further inspection the furniture had a hole punched in the side. The item never made it off the truck and was returned to shipping co. I signed paperwork damaged, not recd. Tried contacting, left a message on a voicemail, John, hung up on my wife when she was trying to explain what happened, he also hung up on me today when I tried to call (also continued to speak over me while I tried to explain I wanted a refund for nondelivery). We will be doing a charge back from our CC company ASAP. There are plenty of other retailers online that provide excellent customer service, stand behind their products and value their reputation. DO NOT USE THIS RETAILER if the last three items are important to you.

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  • Ur
      30th of Jan, 2019

    Worst customer service ever! You can’t even discuss customer complaints by phone with them. Was told they only handle customer care issues through e-mail! My issue is unresolved after 3 months, and they stopped responding to my e-mails 2 months ago.
    Filed complaint with BBB today.
    Details of problem below:
    Defective chair
    Oct 19, 2018 - ordered 3 theater seating chairs
    Oct 24, 2018 - they emailed requesting I call them about my order
    Oct 24, 2018 - called & confirmed okay to ship partial order (the matching wedge table was out of stock)
    Oct 30, 2018 - chairs delivered
    Nov 12, 2018 - my initial email complaint about one defective chair
    Nov 15, 2018 - they replied asking for video proof
    Nov 15, 2018 - I replied with video proof
    Nov 19, 2018 - they replied asking for more video proof, requesting we take the back off, reinstall it, and send evidence it is installed correctly
    Nov 19, 2018 - I replied with requested videos
    Nov 27, 2018 - they replied saying an order has been placed for parts so I can replace a bracket in the back
    Nov 28, 2018 - I emailed disappointment that I have to fix this item myself. What kind of service is that? Especially for a received-defective, and warrantied chair?
    (No reply received)
    Dec 4, 2018 - package received, 2 brackets in a padded mailer, no instructions, no new hardware (bolts)
    Dec 16, 2018 - attempt to install new brackets and reuse the old bolts- turns out a bolt is missing. Go to lowe’s and buy new bolts. Can’t install bolt - turns out bolt not missing afterall, but rather broken off inside the metal “thread housing” in the wood. No way to install since I can’t remove the sheared off bolt. E-mailed customer service
    (No reply received)
    Jan 15, 2019 - e-mailed customer service again informing them of my intention to report them to the BBB.
    (No reply received as of Jan 30)

    Order details:
    Product: 900972, Geneva Theater seating, 3pc, black leather with extended warranty
    Billed amount: $2, 051.05
    Mfg: Catnapper brand, made by Jackson Furniture in TN

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