Holsted Jewelers / Service Personnel Hiring Practices

Veneta, OR, United States Review updated:

I am an American and have a very hard time understanding the Pidgeon English spoken by native Farsi, Hindi, Arabic, and Eastern European Language (Russian) speakers. Their English is horrible at best. Why can't I speak with an American in an American (???) Company ?? Can't Holsted find native English speaking employees, or does Holsted hire strictly in 3rd world countries ??? If this company can not find American employees in the United States instead of Lahore, India, perhaps they should try. I feel we should put unemployed American workers to work in THIS country before worrying about the economy in India, Pakistan, some eastern European bloc country or anywhere else besides the United States of America. Why is this so hard to do ?? Please explain...or better yet; HIRE AMERICAN if you want me to buy your products... I am wary of any third world involvement in any economic dealings I transact in due to possible terrorist involvement by these same individuals I am talking to; disregarding Holsted, on the phone and giving them personal information. All I am asking is that in todays world; with terrorism; be it econo-terrorism or physical acts of terrorism, it is safer to deal with an American Company STATESIDE than it is with an individual in INDIA...BUYING AMERICAN TO SUPPORT AMERICAN LIVES...or NO aware that if I have to speak with another Indian from Lahore India about a missing item, I am cancelling out all my orders...I will NOT support India's economy while ours is crumbling and our American citizens are homeless and on the streets, some with children who would love to have a job with Holsted Jewelers instead of eating out of dumpsters. GOD BLESS AMERICA and VOTE FOR TRUMP...Make America Strong Again...

Dec 28, 2015
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  •   Jun 23, 2016

    Companies place their call centers in countries like India because they can pay them next to nothing. Whether they speak good English or not seems to be irrelevant to many companies, it's all about the dollar.

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