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Hollister / JESS rude maanger

1 upper level 5504 Hanes mallWinstonSalem, NC, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 336-760-6625

Manager/ counter girl JESS is rude and the employees wear strapless clothess with huge boobs hanging on counter. must be new 21st century dress code. Wretched..

I come in 4 exchange .but had a question.
****"Can i make an exchange without receipt, it at home, i can get it and come back later if have too."****

JESS took over the counter forcing a store credit cause i wasnt prepared for exchange. i was inquiring so i wasnt ready for exchange.(My Receipt was at home in drawer HA THE ONE time i wanna get organized!)after breaking away from her hateful download on me, i get the clothes 4 exchange she tells me i rude and she dont have to do the exchange.

i tell her "do wutever u want too and ur the rude one".

JESS, manager, throws my shirts in bag and tosses bag across counter my direction. When i ask 4 manager she saays she's it and becomes very clear that she owns the store...Right LOL!!

! so i had to get store security to get ionfo off her for complaint and store security said she would not give the store phone number.story gets better cause i return w receipt hours later and next counter girl is rude too...

upon return to this store i had my transaction ready. I am prepared with exchange meaning correct sized items IN HAND(JESS the manager made SURE i knew proper procedure from earlier visit at 1-2pm), receipt, proper ID AND BOTH items in bag FROM Hollister. Handed it nicely with my 15 yr daughter by side."Like to make exchange please."

She says nothing for 3 minutes poking at register and then" That will be 15.$ blah blah.cents"

AS sweet as a possibly could I stated" Are the shirts not the same price ? I just wanted an exchange for the same shirts i brought you.?"

She snarls " You handed me only one shirt"

I remark."Uh no, I handed you the bag and the other shirt is in the bag i guessing it still in there."

She rolls her eyes looks in side the bag and blows her breath going back to poking at the register. I look at my daughter
begin to talk about the music on speaker playing n how I think i seen them at the tavern n Next town over and then ... THE COUNTER lady BLASTS me "IS THERE A PROBLEM?!"

Startled, amazed that this lady 5'2 long straight black hair maybe of foreign desent is behind the counter representing an upscale storefront with an aquamarine halter shirt size DD boobs hanging on counter barking curtly at a customer not even engaging coversation with her. Upon looking at her, acting with GHETTO attitude. Completely floored! Keeping my composure I smiled dand said "No honey we are not even talking about you, " I went back to my conversation with wide eyes.

Now I am waiting for the end of the transaction and waiting and waiting and miss counter girl of the year doesnt say thank you or have a nice day but in the same Ghetto attitude "Is There Any thing else?" ...

Now i am thinking they share JESS's attitude in group meetings and this is how she trains her crew or there is a seriuos storefront problem.
I will not return to that store, nor give my kids money to support the chain when shopping. Now I love to shop and went to Game stop the same day with an exchange and got a totally different attitude. Which happens to be right across from Hollister. AMAZING!!

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  • Ka
      25th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    I know there terrible... I wish they would hire something more than young bimbo's that have bad attitudes.

  • Cu
      21st of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am an associate at this particular Hollister Co. location, and I can tell from reading your comments that you are fabricating a lot of this story as well as exaggerating about the attitudes you recieved in the store. First off, our exchange and return policy is located on the back of each receipt, sometimes it's printed twice on the receipt, which explains our whole policy about returns or exchanges without a receipt. I'm quite sure you shop in a lot of retail stores and a lot of companies will only allow an even exchange when you are returning an item without a receipt. Some won't even honor a return without the receipt so our store policy is quite lenient with that. Second, if you should of been prepared and brought the receipt with you if you wanted the transaction to go through smoothly. No questions or issues would occurred if you had your receipt or some form of proof these items were purchased, if in case they were gifts, but they were not. I'm quite sure your description of "attitudes" were fabricated and exaggerated, no one in the store comes off as being rude or being rude to a customer in that way unless they felt disrespected. I'm quite sure you were a frequent shopper in the store and know the loud music, and dark lighting atmopshere. Take it up with corporate, we have no control over the noise level, climate, or lighting in the store. It's a store concept our store is suppose to look that way, so if you have a problem with it take it with corporate and not us, or bad talk the store in front of us. And third, "ghetto" is an offensive term, I"m quite sure no one was acting or talking "ghetto" towards you in our store. Everyone that is an employee was chosen to be an employee based on their work ethic, personality, maturity, and how they present themselves to others in public. No one in our store comes off or appear to be "ghetto" or "bimbos" As you can tell our store is a California style clothing store, so of course we are going to wear tank tops, and tanks shirts in the store. Most people in our store wear a top or a sweater with it, you might of caught an employee with their top off due to the store temperature, which can be very warm at times. And even if an employee was wearing a tank top I'm sure they wasn't hanging out of it. Because that would violate our look policy and they would of been informed to change attire. So sorry if you felt you had a "bad" experience at our store but it sounds like you are just making up a lot of this. And if you had a problem with our store, managers, or employees you need to email this to corporate not disrespect or slander a manager or an employee online.

  • Ls
      12th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    I couldn't really make it through half of that due to the poor grammar, but it seems like you had a hard time. I don't know if this was fabricated, and the previous poster claims to be from the store, so I'm going to take their word for it. Some people just have a vendetta against HCo, and seem to think that the people that work there are all the same and that we all have some sort of control over the atmosphere. I worked for 2 years as a model, and now five months of Lead Stock. I work with some of the kindest, and complimentary people at our little store. I find that when the customers are nice, and not sarcastic, everything runs a lot smoother.

  • Jn
      2nd of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I agree. If you're not an ### to your waiter he'll get it to you on time without a spitwad soaking in your mushroom soup. If you're not a total doucher to me at the register, I'll return your clothes.

  • Ni
      2nd of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    Whatever! I am sure the store has video camera so pull it!

    Seems you commented on everything that was the exact OPPOSITE of the story! So YOU are FABRICATING.

    I never even argued with anyone there! I never WANTED THE EXCHANGE.. I HAD A QUESTION if I needed the receipt!!

    I even informed her that I had the receipt at home, if she wanted me to wait I could, and that it was no big deal, I could come back later.

    She chose to throw the clothes in the bag and be rude cause I was being nice.

    And I NEVER said I complained about the music! NOT ONE TIME! UH HELLO??? So who is the fabricator?

    I see now why they dragged JESUS to the cross...No one takes the time to listen to the real story and persecute people over things THAT WERE NEVER IN THE STORY! JUST WOW

  • Mi
      31st of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    You... never.. complained.. about... the.. music.. hmmm;

    " I look at my daughter
    begin to talk about the music on speaker playing n how I think i seen them at the tavern n Next town over"

    While yes, it may be even difficult for you, the author, to understand your poorly written rant you do indeed claim to have started chittering about the music volume not being to your liking to your poor daughter.
    You come off as a big drama queen to me. Could you try complaining about breasts being everywhere? I mean really, that's the one thing your complaint is miss-.. oh wait.
    Also, why the girls ethinicity, height, or look was even mentioned, I don't know. Can you say bigot?

  • Ni
      19th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    If you can point out the EXACT sentence that says the music was TOO LOUD or that I DID NOT like the music I will send you 1, 000 dollars!



    YOU ARE A [censor]ING IDIOT!

  • Mi
      19th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    Wow, niacey you can't understand your own writing? That's okay, princess, you save your 1k, you need it more than I do, buy yourself some class. Hopefully your daughter is away from you, your ignorance, poor intelligance, and poor behaviour.

  • Ni
      19th of Jun, 2010
    -1 Votes

    whats wrong midge87 cant find it?

    Not gonna work placing the blame on others. its right here in black and white and you cant even point it out! 2 funny! OH I SORRY I mean too funny. since you are grading my grammar

    I do not shop Holliter any more because they have been added to the official page for violation of child labor laws

    thanks for allowing me to keep my money, I will go buy another piece of fine jewelery from Lagos.

    Your friend,
    the bigot, unintelligent, poor intelligent and poor behavior>>>> Oops I forgot the comma between the and! I did that one for u.. Oh I mean you.. man I just cant get my grammar paper right..

    You are alot of fun.

    Is it alot or a lot? Hmm.

  • Ni
      19th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    here is a more updated one for ya sweetie

    Kisses your bigot

  • Mi
      19th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    Honey, if you can not see what is written in front of you than no matter how many times it is presented to you you will continue, hands over eyes, repeating over and over, "Nanananananaaanana, I no see it.. I no seee".
    You continue acting like a child and changing your story, I see you must be a compulsive liar on top of it all.

  • Ni
      19th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    I cant understand what you written with your poor grammar and poor use of commas when periods are needed. Your words are all spelled wrong and the context does not make any sense.

  • Ni
      19th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    I look at my daughter
    begin to talk about the music on speaker playing n how I think i seen them at the tavern n Next town over and then...

    oh yes, I see the imaginary words now. right there! you see it? They were playing a song I recently heard because I was at the Tavern the next town over, and I was talking about who the band was playing the song.

    You are right! Play it backwards on the record player and it too loud and I dont like it..

    Your right fatty

    Kisses Muah, your bigot

  • Mi
      19th of Jun, 2010
    +1 Votes

    When you actually DO receive bad service it will definitely be deserved.
    You keep on being an idiot, doll.

  • Mu
      6th of Jul, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I was a model at this store as well, and I quit it because of these types of people... God I hate working for the stupid public...

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