Hollard Insurancelack of feedback and dont care attitude from consultants

R Nov 11, 2015

A Hollard client smashed into my car from the behind while I was standing on traffic and while she was texting on her phone. I then submitted my claim docs to Hollard insurance Liabilities as I am claiming from her 3rd party. On the forms it says that the person who was allocated my case will call me for an update, to date I have not received this call and I submitted the forms 4 weeks ago. I keep on calling to follow up and have been dealing with Tammarisk who is very rude, abrupt and uninterested, I understand that I am not their client but why do they have a department that deals with 3rd party claims if they are going to treat us like nothing. i was told that the person who was allocated my claim is on leave and this was 2 weeks ago, i understand this person is back from leave and still has not contacted me for an update.Tammarisk confirmed that an assessment was booked last week and that I would receive a call, I still have not received the call, the consultants refuse to put me through to a manager when I ask for one and the managers do not respond to my mails. Tammarisk keeps being very rude when i call her and very irritable with me, she argues with me and wont give me a chance to talk and all am saying to her is that can i get some kind of service, some communication on what is happening please and can someone return my calls as i cant keep calling for an update, i didn't ask for their client to bump and mess up my car.Can I please get someone who can attend to this matter as I cant keep calling for a service that I am not even getting, your client messed up my car, can I get my car fixed without having to deal with all this poor service please!

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