Hollard Insurance Companycustomer service is substandard and unprofessional

I was in a accident on 31 Dec 2016. I called Hollard Insurance Emergency number and spoke to Zolo and gave her details of accident and that my vehicle is undriveable. She then called Towing Company, JR towing, that come a bit later. My vehicle was then towed to Paarl. Zolo told me that they will only move the vehicle on 3-4 Jan 2017 and that they will get in touch with me thereafter. On 9 Jan 2017 they didn't call me back and I called Hollard again and spoke the Bonthle, witch assured me that she will start the process and get a Estimate as soon as possible. However again they failed to communicate with me, I called back again and spoke to Erwin, that said the vehicle is still at JR Towing and they do not want to release it because of long period that the vehicle was standing there. Apparently Bonthle went leave and didn't finish of the claim.
That was not the end of my problems, on 18 Jan 2017 I followed up yet again and was told that the vehicle is at the Panelbeaters and it will be fixed up on
31 Jan 2017. 25 Jan 2017 I called the Panelbeaters and they confirmed that they only received the Vehicle that day. Today a month later I am still without a vehicle. NEVER INSURE WITH HOLLARD!

Jan 31, 2017

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