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Very disappointing service. I had an accident and Hollard was supposed to manage the claim. I waited 4 weeks for my car which was supposed to take 10 working days. During this time Hollard never contacted me. I had to deal the panel beaters. This was very traumatic for me. My car had to go back because of and EPC error i got on my car. and the agreement with Thabo was that they will sent out an assesor to determine the error and then sent my car to VW for a diagnostic test. Again i had to deal with the panel beaters and Thabo never followed up. I ended up in a conference call with the panelbeater where i was screamed on and Thabo just did not even intervene . this again was very traumatic as Thabo allowed this person to scream on me. Then Thabo told me I have to pay for the repairs as this was not accident related, He took the panel beater word for it. When i asked him whether the assessor went out, i was informed NO. So how can Thabo take this person word for it when he is not qualified to make such a decision. I am very upset with the way Thabo dealt with the matter. I had to phone the assessor. Again I ma the client and was not supposed to phone the assessor. This was the worst claim experience I ever had. I was without a car for four weeks and then again for 4 days and No one bothered to assist me in getting a courtesy car. I activated my hire car in April and then was told by Thabo i cannot have a hired car because this relates to the previous accident. The error also related to the accident but he did not do what he was supposed to do to ensure that an assessor goes out and my car goes for the diagnostic test. He allowed that the panelbeater screamed on me. I had to phone every day . This is unacceptable

May 9, 2017
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      16th of May, 2017

    Dear, I have exactly the same problem poor service - i have done the online claim form (they clearly claim to contact your within 3 hours nothing happened) it is now a week later my daughter was driving her car and got back ended and injured. Many emails to all the email addresses I could access and nothing. Maybe they don't give flying fffff as we are out of country, maybe their business is like our president ...all promises and wind and no service. In this case I am considering taking legal steps and going to the media with this. Thereafter find a company that actually values us as clients (and our money)

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