Holiday Travel Of America / DO NOT USE USE THIS COMPANY!

6405 El Camino Real, Carlsbad, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 760-331-0444

My partner and I attended two timeshare presentations (different companies) and we were supposed to receive a 5 day, 4 night cruise to Mexico and a 2 night, 3 day to Hawaii. We sent in the money for the taxes and fees (for both trips) and received a letter requesting our preferred travel dates. We sent them in and thought we were good to go. WRONG!

So our first set of preferred dates came and went and after receiving no call from Holiday Travel, we called them. They stated that that weren't able to confirm us on those dates, but still had our second preferred dates listed. We asked over and over again for them to confirm them (so that we could get the time off from work) and they wouldn't do it, saying that they only were able to confirm them about a month out. So we get to a month out of our second travel dates and call them once again and surprise, surprise... it’s not available (unless you pay more money and upgrade!). Ok so we push back our dates again. And then again. So we called again 2 days ago and we questioned the cruise trip first. Sorry, still not available. Then we asked about our second trip and the representative said that they were unable to give us 2 trips due to their policies. NEVER once was this told to us and we had spoken to them at least 10 times by this point AND in addition they had gladly accepted my check for taxes and fee for both trips. I asked to speak to the manager and pretty much, I was told getting my money back would be the easier thing to do. Never once did they try to accommodate me or speak to me on how we could resolve the issue.

This was by far the breaking point. I want absolutely nothing to do with this company. It is nothing but a SCAM and all they do is play games with you. I honestly have no idea how this company is still in business. There's no guest service, it takes forever to get a call back (if they even do decide to call you back) and they treat you like crap because the trip is free. If I can give you any advice, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! So as of right now, I'm waiting to receive my refund check in the mail...until then I'm out $350+ dollars!

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