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When I became a rewards points member, I was assured I would not ever lose points that I earned. When I recently tried to use them I was told I had lost them. I was also told that I had been sent E-mails stating that holiday inn was changing their policy. I never received any e-mails, but was told I lost my points anyway.
I would like to redeem my points if possible.
Priority club # [protected] Kenneth Byas

Feb 10, 2018
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  • Ri
      Mar 19, 2018

    Holiday Inn Rewards Points
    I WAS a customer since 1989 and had 367, 000 points. Had some personal and health issues for a bit. Went to book a room and was told that my points expired Jan 2018 which was less than 60 days ago. They also said they sent e-mails but I never received
    They did offer to tell me ways I could spend some more money to get points- too funny
    So much for customer care!

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  • Ar
      Oct 03, 2019

    Just found out that the same thing happened to me. Over 200, 000 points confiscated with no notification given.
    Talked with them, no help was offered, not restitution of confiscated points.

    I believe this is a potential legal matter and either an individual small claims case can be made based on the estimated value of the points. If enough people have had points confiscated an enterprising lawyer may find it worth his while to mount a class action suit against IHG.

    IHG should be ashamed at the way they have treated loyal customers.

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