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I used to be a Trumbull Oil customer and was always satisfied but, ever since Hoffman bought the accounts from Trumbull, it has been a disaster. The most recent problem is disgusting and if I ran my service business like they do...I would be out of business. I called to schedule an oil delivery and service call on Friday afternoon around 4pm but, "the oil department was closed until Monday" and service would be at overtime rates...I called Monday at 7:05 AM and scheduled service and an oil delivery which they price gouged me on...first when I agreed they told me $2.90 a gallon then after the money was taken they told me it was a mistake and it was $3.44 a gallon...had to adjust the gallons needed...they then had me prepay $2, 290 for the oil and $250 service call and guaranteed delivery of oil by Wednesday and sent service Monday afternoon. The service call cost only $197 but, determined I needed a blower rebuilt for $500. they said they would credit me for the extra $53 but, when they returned with the rebuilt blower it had gone up in price to $778 plus the $197 and they charged me for it I had paid them $3, 000 but still had no oil. I then called and stated that the service was too much, I went online and found that a brand new blower...not rebuilt was less than the rebuild charge...more price gouging. since the service was $750 more tha i anticipated I told them I would need to cut my oil delivery by $700 to accommodate...please credit my account but, they said they would do it after the delivery. Wednesday came and went without oil and I called and was told "the man called out sick". I then ran out Thursday morning and had to go to a gas station for some diesel fuel to have heat and hot water. I called again and they said he would be there in the morning but, he showed up late in the afternoon. I called after he delivered the oil and requested the credit but, was told the oil department was closed so I called back Friday and they said they would credit it...Monday no credit...Tuesday no credit...I called and was told it was credited Monday not Friday because it had to go through corporate and also since they are closed on weekends. They also told me that since it went to a credit card...actually my bank card, that I would get the credit in 3-5 business Friday...12 days after they took my money...I am going to get a new Oil Service Company...Hoffman is a bunch of crooks

Nov 18, 2014
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  • Ka
      Jan 19, 2010
    Hoffman Fuel - Account canceled
    Hoffman Fuel
    United States

    Hoffman Fuel mistakenly canceled my account, never notified me, and never refunded a credit balance in excess of $1100!

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