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Hoffman FuelBad Service, Price Gouging

I used to be a Trumbull Oil customer and was always satisfied but, ever since Hoffman bought the accounts from Trumbull, it has been a disaster. The most recent problem is disgusting and if I ran my service business like they do...I would be out of business. I called to schedule an oil delivery and service call on Friday afternoon around 4pm but, "the oil department was closed until Monday" and service would be at overtime rates...I called Monday at 7:05 AM and scheduled service and an oil delivery which they price gouged me on...first when I agreed they told me $2.90 a gallon then after the money was taken they told me it was a mistake and it was $3.44 a gallon...had to adjust the gallons needed...they then had me prepay $2, 290 for the oil and $250 service call and guaranteed delivery of oil by Wednesday and sent service Monday afternoon. The service call cost only $197 but, determined I needed a blower rebuilt for $500. they said they would credit me for the extra $53 but, when they returned with the rebuilt blower it had gone up in price to $778 plus the $197 and they charged me for it immediately...now I had paid them $3, 000 but still had no oil. I then called and stated that the service was too much, I went online and found that a brand new blower...not rebuilt was less than the rebuild charge...more price gouging. since the service was $750 more tha i anticipated I told them I would need to cut my oil delivery by $700 to accommodate...please credit my account but, they said they would do it after the delivery. Wednesday came and went without oil and I called and was told "the man called out sick". I then ran out Thursday morning and had to go to a gas station for some diesel fuel to have heat and hot water. I called again and they said he would be there in the morning but, he showed up late in the afternoon. I called after he delivered the oil and requested the credit but, was told the oil department was closed so I called back Friday and they said they would credit it...Monday no credit...Tuesday no credit...I called and was told it was credited Monday not Friday because it had to go through corporate and also since they are closed on weekends. They also told me that since it went to a credit card...actually my bank card, that I would get the credit in 3-5 business days...by Friday...12 days after they took my money...I am going to get a new Oil Service Company...Hoffman is a bunch of crooks

  • Ka
    Kaerukun Jan 19, 2010

    Hoffman Fuel mistakenly canceled my account, never notified me, and never refunded a credit balance in excess of $1100!

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Hoffman FuelOverpriced service

I just got off the phone now following a complaint I had with Hoffman. When I signed my contract with Hoffman, I bought the Gold Plan for $250/year to provide "insurance" for my furnace should something break. Over the weekend I had water pouring out of a pipe in the furnace. When I called for service, I was told I would be billed $250/hour, so I put a bucket under the pipe and kept emptying it until Monday. I called first thing Monday morning and was told they couldn't tell me what time they could get there, so I ended up having to take the entire day off to wait for them. When the repairman arrived he informed me that the parts aren't covered because they are considered plumbing. I was billed $125 for an hour of service, plus $260 in parts, plus tax...totalling $408.

When I looked up the parts myself, I found I could have bought them at my local hardware store for $140. I called to complain about the lack of coverage and the overpriced parts, and was told by the manager that I could have called a plumber at the time I had a problem. I called them because they are my service provider and I had a service plan with them. Nice service!

  • Cp
    CP2 Oct 27, 2010

    It's unfortunate you are not satisfied with the service. But Our service agreement clearly states "plumbing parts are not covered under this agreement". Our gold service plan does cover 37 heating related parts and labor for those parts. Ofcourse you could find the parts cheaper going to home depot, but putting them in yourself, what if something else happened? We garuntee our work. The company also cannot service a customer at a loss either. The labor rate is the same a plumber would charge as well. Due to the nature of our business we cannot give times as to when we will be at a customers house as every service call is different. If you want you can email me I can look at the bill for you and see what I can do. [email protected] ---Cristina

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  • Do
    DonnaCip Jan 08, 2016

    I had a similar issue, When I was sold there so called "Gold Plan" I was ensured I would receive same service I was receiving with current Oil company, though on the two occasions i needed service I called first thing in the morning to report I had no heat I was told they were backed up and would get there by end of day which was 5 PM, the first time and 5:20 the second time. When I practically begged for a quicker turn around like I was promised and as my old company provided I was told 'it's not that easy" . Other companies actually do find this easy or are actually good enough at it that it appears that way to their customers. Maybe your teams need to take a lesson from them. I will be returning as their customer once this useless contract is up.

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Hoffman FuelCustomer Service

The customer service department of Hoffman Fuel should be trained in what good customer service really is. They are rude, intolerant and obviously "know it all" and too bad for us - the consumer.

I never received a new contract which was due in May and now they tell me that I can't have the original lower price because it's too late. Even though I repeatedly said I never received a renewal they told me that was not there fault and there was nothing they could do about it. I should be happy that they were offering all of their wonderful services to me in the first place. After 20 years with Hoffman I look forward to doing business with anyone but them.

  • Db
    dbt Feb 15, 2009

    Hoffman Fuel has the worse customer service. They are very rude and unprofessional, especially if you have a legitimate dispute. They charge more and fail to credit payments when received. In fact, even though the bank clears payment to Hoffman, they delay posting the payment internally for over over five days, if not more! Stay away from this company. Horrible customer service and bad faith business practices.

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  • Bu
    buffynascar Dec 03, 2010

    Well, they delivered fuel to me after I filled up with someone else and then they said I used 18 gallons they never left a bill. Well, again I got the contract and asked them to turn my hot water up. Well,
    now they time me my furance needs a coil cleaning. I told them that couldn't be because it was a new boiler.
    Well, I called someone else for a second opinion and they had the mixing valve
    going the wrong way and fixed right on the spot. I didn't need a coil cleaning or
    a hot water heater. I have plenty of hot water. Be careful. They are nasty on the phone one day they will be history.
    Remember what comes around goes around. Thank you Hoffman fuel in Danbury for nothing. You are a horrible company and when it come time to choose it won't be you.
    Shame on you for taking advantage of a senior.

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  • Be
    beavr711 Dec 21, 2012

    totally agree with the complaint above, they made a delivery after my contract ended when I explained to the customer service I was looking for another company for a better price, in addition I was told I was not scheduled for a delivery until Nov. 2012, they come a month early and now are looking to get paid for oil I didn't want from them

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Hoffman FuelBuyer Beware! Price Cap Scam

We signed up for the price cap in October 2008 at $2.49 a gallon. The representative said that whatever the market rate was the day of delivery, that's the rate we would pay, but no higher than $2.49. The prices of oil went down significantly and each time we receive oil we were billed at $2.49 a gallon, way above the market rate. I called again to ask why we were not getting the lower rate as they promised and was told they bought thousands of gallons of oil at a higher price and until that supply was gone we would have to pay the cap rate. It is now March 2009 and still getting billed for $2.49 - and when I called to inquire why the high rate still, I was told their current rate is $2.54 a gallon and that I was getting a good price. The person I spoke with was very, very rude. Clearly they don't care about customer service!

Stay away!!!

  • Cp
    c p May 20, 2009

    Oil companies are required by the state of connecticut to purchase 75% of a customers oil regardless if they choose a fixed or a cap price. So yes they do purchase millions of gallons up front and until that is delivered they can't lower the pricing. Companies also get penalized when they purchase high and the market falls. They have to pay a margin call which could be in excess of 1 million dollars to be able to benefit from lower pricing.

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Hoffman Fuelunfair Pricing schemes

The customer service department has been rude, threatening, and abusive with me in my efforts to renegotiate my contract that has been a variable pricing plan with a capped rate. I contracted in August and then renogiated in November paying a 150 dollar "fee" for the new contract with a lower cap. So far all deliveries have been charged to me at my ceiling rate which is substantially higher than today's prevailing rate in the market. They would not fill my tank last year in April stating that I would have to wait until the new contract cycle which begins in June at a new contracted rate that was substantially higher. Every customer service representative has been rude and uncomfortable in our discussions regarding their pricing schemes. I keep hearing the song, just walk away Renee in my head every time I think about my attempts at justice with this company. Oh well, on to finding a new oil company that's reputable. I am thinking that is a difficult commodity in this day and age.

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Hoffman FuelAll areas of customer service

Hoffman Fuel is the WORST in EVERY WAY regarding fuel service. This is a letter that I will be sending to them shortly (still being edited!)

To Whom It May Concern:

I’m writing to inform you that the service your company provides is horrific!! I have two specific issues to bring to your attention:

First, the service that your operators provide is absolutely awful. I have never dealt with such rude, inept people in all my life. I am paying a premium for your service and all I get it is the run around.

One instance just happened today but it ties into something that happened last year. A year ago or so, I had requested to have a service call from one of your technicians to service my furnace and was told that since I didn’t burn enough fuel during the year, it wasn’t necessary to have someone come out. I was told to wait until the following year to have my furnace serviced which is what I ended up doing.

Yesterday morning, I smelled some oil burning in my basement where the furnace is kept and the gases were making my eyes water. I had to leave the house because I had an appointment out of town and so I turned off the furnace before I left the house because I didn’t know what else to do. Once I was on the train, I called to have one of your technicians come out to the house to look at it and fix it. I told the service operator where the spare key was and that he should just let himself in to the house. I also requested that he contact me on my cell phone once the work was done to let me know what had happened. I never got a call. I had to call back and when I did, the operator told me that he had come to the house but wasn’t given the message as to where the key was and so he left without doing anything.

I pleaded with the operator to have someone go out again to please fix the problem because the house was now getting very cold and I would be coming home to no heat. The woman told me that since it was now dark, she couldn’t make a technician go into the house to do any repairs and so no one was going to come out. So, now I was put in the position of having to deal with a potentially dangerous furnace issue, no heat all night, and possibly no one coming out the next day which was a Sunday. All the while I’m paying for emergency service to deal with these types of situations!!! This situation escalated due to the fault of your operators!! They are complete idiots!! To top it off, the service technician who finally came out to fix the problem the next day told me that the problem was due to some clogged oil due to the furnace not being maintained in a timely manner!!! Unbelievable!!! If you had come out when I had requested it, this wouldn’t have happened!!! You people SUCK!

Another situation happened last year as well with my oil contract. I called and was urged by one of your operators to lock in to a fixed rate since she gave me very bad advice by telling me that the rates would just keep getting higher. So I signed the contract at the higher rate. Since that time, the prices have fallen significantly and so I called again to see about getting out of it and was told I could do that. I was told that my budget amount would drop to $235 a month instead of over $300 which was what I had been paying. I went ahead and signed the new contract and sent in a check for that amount but the bills I kept getting were still showing the higher budget amount. I called again to discuss this with one of your service people and was told that the budget amount would be $275 instead of $235 (!!) If it was going to be that little of a drop in my payments I would have NOT signed the new contract and would have taken my business elsewhere.

I’m beginning to think that your organization is absolutely corrupt and you’re ripping off your customers in a well thought out, systematic way. Now that I’ve gone online, I’m seeing that other customers feel the same way due to the numerous complaints I’m reading about. I’m also seeing that I should be keeping my eye on what I’m being charged for oil on the delivery days since you are not honest about that either.

I will very gladly be posting my complaint about you online as well to warn other customers about you and will also be informing the BBB about you. I can see that I’m not alone in that endeavor either.

I would like to be released of any obligation to pay a fee to get out of the contract I have with you for the remainder of the year. I regret ever signing up for service with you and will be sure to tell all my friends about the horrible service you provide and NOT to go with you if they are choosing an oil company.

Hoffman FuelHoffman Fuel Charges More Than Market Price

I locked CAP price with them in this Oct. And they delivery oil to my house last week and charge me $3.3 while the average market price is $2.6 in my area. I called customer service and they insisted that $3.3 is Hoffman's market price and didn't want to listen to me. Stay away from this company. They charge you more than they should.

Hoffman FuelTopping Off my Oil Tank

I received an oil delivery April 22 - 82.4 gallons. When I called, they told me the driver was in the area and was topping off my tank. Unbelievable, at $4.34.9 a gallon.

  • La
    Larry Aug 31, 2008

    Stay away from Hoffman Fuel. They would not deliver oil to me under contracted price in June before contract expired said I wasn't due until August we use no oil between April and November . Simply attempting to evade their responsibility. Reported them to BB and tell anyone who will listen to stay away from them.

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  • Cp
    c p Sep 15, 2008


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  • Oi
    Oil Slick Sep 30, 2009

    It is very common for the customer wanting to top off just prior to the contract expiration, this way they start off with a full tank as they shop other Oil Companies for a competitive price...this is nothing new and there is nothing wrong with this...what bothers the Oil Company is the fact that they would rather top you off later in the year at a high price, hence a higher profit in their pockets. I like it when they deliver when the price has spiked, and you never really needed the delivery...I'd get a lock for my oil tank...or better yet, don't pay the bill till you need oil, they won't deliver if you're in the rears...i'd rather pay the late charge then have a bill when my budget doesn't allow it.

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  • Fr
    frisbee Jan 19, 2011

    at ALL costs do not deal with their new customer rep, Cora. She is out to get your business no matter what, then changes her story every time you call.AVOID thids company!!!

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  • Fr
    frisbee Jan 19, 2011

    as a new customer, after being told the tank was full from last delivery with another company, they send out truck to deliver 6 gallons of oil.
    The most unimaginably idiotic people in their new customer dept.This is not a company that in good faith I would tell ANYONE to do business with.

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  • Jo
    Joanne DeLuca Jan 26, 2015

    Hoffman Fuel, Trumbull has sent threatening letters to my daughter and her husband and the company was at fault. My daughter bought a house and the previous owner used Hoffman Fuel. They come over 1 month later and just top off the tank, with no warning and no OK from my daughter. My daughter didn't have any connection with this company and was not using them, and the bill was in the previous owner's name with his account number. The worst part is that the company admitted, in a letter, that they were wrong but want their money and will sue them if they don't have it by a certain date. Before this date they receive another threatening letter with legal fees on it. My daughter has paid the bill and she's still being harassed. Stay away from this oil company!!

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Hoffman FuelTotally unfair to consumer

HOFFMAN refused me, twice, a delivery of oil just prior to the end of my capped-oil price; based on the fact my "automatic" delivery was not due for several weeks.

Yet, ONE WEEK later HOFFMAN delivers fuel despite the fact that each representative told me "You're not scheduled for several weeks" Including numerous messages left and unreturned by HOFFMAN.

My capped price expired and we were in the process of getting new price, trying to give HOFFMAN our business. THEN SUDDENLY BOOM! A delivery, that wasn't scheduled for several weeks, appears. HOFFMAN FUEL insists I'm responsible and must pay full market value.

WOW, what ever happened to dealing in good faith? This delivery was absolutely, despite HOFFMAN’s denial, a calculated deceit, in my opinion a form of extortion. Totally unfair to this consumer.

All phone calls, straight to "top" fell on deaf ears. No customer service provided at all, no considerations.

A settlement beneficial only to HOFFMAN is where it all ends. This homeowner was seriously ripped off!

  • An
    ann Jun 02, 2008

    Same thing is happening to me now with Hoffman. The budget payments are based on usage that I never will receive plus they hold on to the extra money. It seems to be an industry norm, however, because it's happened to me before with another company. I don't like the games.

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  • La
    Larry Jul 09, 2008

    Basically same happened to me told them I would contact BBB, they said, "" go ahead you aren't getting the oil, not due until August." how much oil do you think we use between the end of June and August?, none but the price lock has expired. All I can say is let as many people as possible know about your experiences. They have a program to recruit new costomers so I am sure do not enjoy loosing them

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  • Fr
    Frank Dale Jul 10, 2008

    It's not really Hoffman Fuel's fault - all oil contracts are complicated and its a chance you take when you sign one. The oil companies are struggling to stay afloat and they can't sell you oil they buy at $3 for $2. You sound like you might be a customer who should use a discount oil site - you log on, check price, pay the discount price and do not have to deal with the complications the contracts sometimes bring - one you can check out is http://myoilheat.com


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  • Sh
    Shouldnobetter Jul 10, 2008

    I've been a customer of Hoffman Fuel for years and finds them to be the best in the area. Prices are high no matter where you go But Hofffman gives the best service of anyone else so I stick with them.

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  • To
    Tony Sep 23, 2008

    I have had a number of conversations with people regarding Hoffman Fuel, it seems that all complaints are about Hoffman's underhanded treatment of price agreements. Basically they deliver when the price is to their advantage and refuse to deliver when the price increases after contracts have been negotiated.
    They are outright rude on the phone and a company to stay away from at all costs. BBB has several complaints attached to this company. If oil prices are high everywhere you can at least give your money to a reputable company that appreciates your business.

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  • Pf
    pfred Oct 21, 2008

    I am considering getting a fixed price contract with Hoffman since prices have declined. Now I am afraid to. I have been with them for 8 years and have never ever had a problem. Their service is responsive and reps are pleasant. One delivery guy was rude, but maybe he was having a bad dau lr is rude. Repairs are on schedule and reliable. Few times the oil quality was low and caused problems, but I was told that would be true for all companies as they tend to get the same product. I can attest to the company but not their fixed price contract practices, which I am now wary to enter.

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  • Di
    disgusted with Hoffman Jan 06, 2009

    Hoffman Oil is a huge disappointment. I always thought they were a reputable company but their actions over the last year have proved that they are a total sham.
    How can a former customer make sure that their contract is cancelled if they can't speak with a representative (another shady business practices by Hoffman!) If you can ever get through to their office (and how many times have callers been put on indefinite hold and unable to speak with anyone?) the women that answer the phones are both arrogant and rude - obviously they don't understand the meaning of 'customer service'.
    This is just another poor reflection on the Hoffman management as they allow their phone representatives to speak to customers in such a derogatory fashion.
    It is my misfortune to have experienced all of the same poor business practices mentioned by others.
    My situation is that my tank was filled up after my contract expired and I had already signed up with another company. As Hoffman wouldn't remove the oil from my tank I told them that I'd pay what my current supplier was charging me and no more.
    I sent my check (which was promptly cashed) and included the email that I'd sent them explaining as to why I was paying the reduced amount - now they are sending my closed account to a collection agency. Surprise, surprise.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to how this company can be reported to the Attorney General of Connecticut? Is this another Trudeau Oil company scam?

    I have told many, many people about the poor business practices (scams) of Hoffman Oil and can only hope that their bad reputation will eventually result in their bankruptcy. May this happen sooner rather than later.

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  • Dr
    drew Jan 06, 2009

    i can totally agree . every day i call a few different local companys and hoffmans market price is always a great deal higher . i am not locked in for this season but remain on automatic delivery which has yet to come. my tank never went under half full when i was locked in over 3.00 but now that the rates have dropped im nearly empty. when i called they swear there coming that day and never show. im sure if the price was higher they would be topping me off every other week.
    and as far as service my furnace has not been cleaned since 07 and the soonest they could fit me in is jun 09. i would never have got involved with them if i had not inherited them from previous owner or if i had read all of these complaints prior. just as soon as im done with this comment i will be calling them and canceling all services.

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  • Vi
    vivian Feb 04, 2009

    Hoffman mailed out a letter a few weeks ago stating that due to lower oil prices the budget plan had changed. Unfortunately it didnt apply to all buget plan members only those that had singed in with a capped program. How was everyone supposed to know it ddint apply to them, when you received this letter. I didnt, for a few weeks I thought thats the right thing to do to lower everyone's budget plan. Some of the customer service staff is condencending harsh and just plain rude. You can work for a company and not become part of their tactics . During these diff economic types, when you call and are concerned what your balance is, you are met with rudeness and lack of interest. All oil prices contracts end end of April, be very careful that Hoffman doesnt show up and put oil in May. I signed with them after hearing disappointed customer now I am one of them. I will not resign with them.

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