HMSHostgreat american bagel

S Sep 02, 2018

I got breakfast at Great American Bagel on the morning of September 2, 2018. The food was delicious but the service was very poor. The woman who took my order acted like I was such a bother. I wanted asiago bagel and she mumbled something so I said "excuse me?" She turned around the opposite direction and said it again but since she was turned around, I couldn't hear her again so I asked her to repeat it one more time. She rolled her eyes and said "that will be an extra 1.50". I said that was fine and continued the order. I then had to wait for the checkout woman to finish putting waters and other drinks in the display. while she was doing that two more customers followed behind me and were also waiting to check out. So like I said, delicious food but the customer service could keep me away.

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