HMSHostfood tasted old (cooked in the really old oil), workers stated I could not get a refund for the food that we did not want.

At Popeye's Store #12509 (Ernie Pyle Travel Plaza) Store ID: 4INPOP21, my family and I stopped on 11/25/18 for food and were disappointed in the food given. We ordered a total of four meals which included chicken, chicken strips, a biscuit and a side order of smash potatoes and/or rice and beans. Honestly the only thing that tasted ok was the rice and beans. The rest of the food (Chicken and biscuits) tasted like they were reheated or cooked in really old oil. You could taste the oil on the biscuits.
We ended up throwing away the food since the money could not be refunded. We were offered food in exchange for the one we had, but again it would have tasted the same.
We were left hungry and with food we did not want.
There were other customers complaining as well, but they were only given food in exchange.
At the end it was a terrible experience and will never stop at this plaza anymore.

Nov 29, 2018

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