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HMS Home Warranty / NO COVERAGE

1 317 SOUTHFAIR CTFort Wayne, IN, United States Review updated:

After reading other complaints on this board I decided to share my complaint with the others. I am a real estate agent in Indiana and part of marketing a listing I offered a Homeowners warranty, for the seller while the property is on the market and to be transferred to the buyer after closing. My client's are a young couple with a one year old and the Mom is pregnant with another child due in March. I listed the property in early Oct. 08. On Jan 2, 2009 my client called me and told me that the boiler for the heat was not operating correctly. She called a family friend that is in the HVAC business and he said the boiler was shot. I told her to call HMS and tell them what was going on and she did. HMS gave her a claim number, and told her who to call. That HVAC company tech came to the home inspected the boiler, got his 100 dollar deductable, and condemend the boiler. It was about 25 degrees out. HMS told my client on two occasions between Saturday and Monday that they would cover the claim. On Tuesday HMS called her and said the claim was being denied because the cause of the failure was rust. The comp. that went out for HMS said in its inspection report the 30+ yr old boiler was found with rusty water leaking from it, and condemend it. RUST! A thirty + year old boiler is bound to have rust, its bound to have corrosion, and they know it. As the listing agent I would never have advised my clients to pay for the additional coverage much less have them agree to an HMS warranty for their buyers if I had known what loop holes HMS would use to escape coverage. I have talked with HMS, the contractor, and my Brokers office has spoken to HMS' regional all to no avail. Here we are in North East Indiana, right now, it is Jan 14 th 15 degrees with a low of minus 4 tonight wind chill warnings abound, 5 inches of new snow on the ground, and tomorrows high is 6, maybe 8. They have been with out heat for almost 2 weeks, they have had to cash in an IRA, to pay for the new furnace and have duct work installed. My client called me tonight crying because the HVAC company installing the new furnace is behind schedule and its 55 degrees in the house. they are going to reletives to stay with their baby. HMS said to me that "if they had been the BUYER and 30 days had elapsed since the closing then they would have been covered up to the aggregate of $2000.00. This sucks and I told HMS, as a Realtor, I will not ever offer an HMS warranty to my sellers, buyers or anyone else from this point forward. Its enough to try to sell realestate in this market, its no help when a company refuses to honor their policy, it makes me as a professional look bad, and when you factor in that this particular client is my daughter, my grand child and soon to be grand child and my son-in law I am just as disgusted as every one else.

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  • Hv
      4th of Jun, 2010
    +1 Votes

    A typical realtor selling another distressed property...Just like a used car salesman. They sell this property to an unaware young couple just starting out...and figure... hey I will get you a home warranty plan so this way when this POS house has problems... we will use the home warranty company as the scapegoat to blame all the failures on... a 30 year old boiler...give me a break... What did the inspection report say about the boiler???? Did he or she say it was perfect??? Wow for a realtor that reads lots of fine print...I find it hard to believe you were not aware of loop holes...There are exclusions in every insurance policy including home warranites... Why didn't you buy them a new boiler if you supposedly cared so much...Give me a break... Realtors belong in the same pit as Lawyers...

  • Hv
      15th of Mar, 2014
    0 Votes

    thats almost funny coming from a realtor, knowing that you all pushed the big warranty companies into peoples escrow closing and withheld that information and we receiving kickbacks from the companies, anyone can google the class action lawsuit filed for that very reason. if you were that concerned, why not come out of your 6 percent and help them out

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