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HMS Home Warranty / They are a joke

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I wish I would have done some consumer research before renewing my HMS Warranty TWICE after buying my first home!! Would have saved me over a grand easily!! I had to call on them twice, and both times, I got strung along by HMS. The first time was for my gas water heater, which was experiencing a gas leak and posed a dangerous situation, but after paying $99 for the HMS contractor to come out, they told them there was nothing wrong w the unit! My plumber came out the very next day for another issue I was having, and said girl, if you don't get this fixed ASAP this house could blow up! Just to be safe, I got another opinion, and sure enough, the thing needed to be replaced, PRONTO. All this less than 24 hrs after HMS took my $100 and ran.

I believe in giving companies a fair second chance, so when my garbage disposal under my sink began to leak, I called my plumber right away so as to avoid a bigger problem. He came right away, and I had HMS on the phone by the time he arrived. They REFUSED to let him do the work if they were going to cover it. He even got on the phone for me and advised the representative that if it wasn't fixed soon, I would have another plumbing problem on my hands, but the rep would not budge. So I ended up paying for 2 repairs to my home that they claim they cover. I am DONE w HMS for good. I would rather pay for my replacement costs out of pocket when the need arises from now on, because that's exactly what I had to do...TWICE!!


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  • Fu
      15th of Sep, 2008
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    Looking for others who have had bad or negative experiences with hms Home Warranty/hms National, Inc.

    We bought our home in July this year with the hms Home Warranty already in place. First, we had a time getting their "approved" repairman out here. When they finally arrived to inspect our dryer, they said it needed a new motor. Well, that took another two and a half weeks! We scheduled a time period (they said between 9 am and 1 pm) for the repairperson to come. They called at 12 07 pm at a time when I was unable to answer the phone, and left a message stating that if we don't answer the phone they would not come, and we would have to reschedule. Mind you, we have been almost a month without a dryer, and we have had to go to the laundrymat to dry our clothes - very inconvenient and costly! And some places don't want you to dry your clothes unless you wash them there as well.
    I called the number from which the message was left, but the repair person would not anwer. I called McPherson's Drywall and Repair in Mitchellville, Maryland who was the repair company to let them know that we were home as we said we would be, but they never answered their phone either. I left messages on both phones stating that if someone was not there to repair the dryer today, I would sue them and the Home Warranty company too.
    The man came at 7:30 pm, took the dryer completely apart, and fiddled with it for an hour and a half. When I went down to see what he was doing, it seemed to me as if he didn't know diddly about repairing appliances. I asked if he could fix it, and his response was "I'm trying". What repair person says that! My father could fix just about anything in the house, including the cars, and if he ever encountered anything beyond his capabilities ( I cannot remember a time when he counldn't repair something), he would have said it is broken and needs to be replaced.
    I believe McPherson's is the company that helps hms Home Warranty get out of paying rightful claims. The guy said that I hit his head with the dryer panel - which was a bold-faced lie! - and now, hms wants to use his complaint as a basis for not replacing our dryer. Oh, by the way, our dryer is over 20 years old, and I don't believe they ever could fix it. They want to repay us the deductible of $130 and call it even. What's the use of even having coverage from a useless company like this.
    We have filed a complaint with the better business bureau, and we are looking for others who have had bad experiences with this company so that we may start a class action lawsuit.

  • Di
      15th of Nov, 2008
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    HMS is horrible! We purchased a new home in April with a seller paid 1 year home warranty through HMS. We called to fix our dryer that took 2 1/2 hour dry time per load and also to look at our dishwasher noise and the leaky toilet that didn't flush. Of course they put in 2 claims so we had to pay $200 for the service calls. The "referred" company they gave us was some old man that didn't even have a real work order. He wrote on the back of a flyer for his company. He said nothing was wrong with our dryer and accused me of not knowing how to dry laundry and not use the Perm Press cycle. Then he gave a wrong model # back to the warranty co for the dishwasher and now 3 weeks later, my dryer is completely dead, and HMS keeps trying to suggest model #'s for the dishwasher that all have crappy reviews! I called to complain and talk to a manager to which I got the run around on the phone for 45 minutes and still no manager to talk with about these issues. They are trying to make me pay for another service call for the same guy to come out for the dryer and dishwasher again!

  • Ne
      11th of Aug, 2009
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    This company is not a joke they are thieves. You cannot get any service from them. Just when you are in trouble and need them to honor the policy you have with them, they will rip you off. How can they get away with this stuff. We are going to report them to the Attorney General of PA. Is there something else we can do?

  • Rh
      20th of Aug, 2009
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    The complaints are TRUE! HMS does NOT care about their customers. We are in a heat emergency with a baby and an elderly mother-in-law in residence and they will NOT send an emergency tech out to repair the a/c unit. Their excuse? An "emergency" is 90 degrees and above and the weather forecast for my area is 88 - no matter about the humidity or heat index. We are cancelling ASAP. Save time, money, and above all hassle - DO NOT go with HMS!

  • Ho
      7th of Dec, 2009
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    Took 3 days for someone to come out who couldn't fix our broken washing machine, he said he'd be back next week with the part when I called the next week, the order wasn't even put in for that part. It's now 2 weeks without a washing machine in a house with 5 kids. By the way, they made me pay for the service call even though they never fixed it. Ice maker was broken, they don't fix ice makers, garage door doesn't work they don't fix garage doors. They are completely useless. This warranty was for a home purchase which they've fixed nothing!!! It's cheeper to just pay for the repairs as you need them.

  • Er
      25th of Feb, 2010
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    Worst company ever! my electric water heater broke and the only sent someone out after I told them that because the cut off valve was broken so my water had to be turned off completely did they send someone out. My leak had leaked into my neighbor below's condo. She could not work on repairing her home until my heater was replaced, because it kept leaking. It took them 8 days to take care of it. This was only because I got to the president of the company, and yelled at him everyday for 4 days, until I had a new hot water heater. Every rep I spoke to had the same story, "in 24 hours this or in 24 hours that. My mother called and yelled at them about as many times as I did. It is finally fixed, after their delay cause more damage to my neighbor's home. Needless to say, I will not be renewing my warranty with them.

  • Ha
      21st of Mar, 2011
    +2 Votes

    We have had HMS for over 3 years now and will renew again in the summer. No company is perfect and when HMS had a contractor that just couldn't seem to property diagose our direct vent water heater - they allowed us to call another contractor. The contractors only know so much and are not employed by HMS - according to our Real Estate Broker these contractors are actually selected (recommended) by RE agents and brokers.
    We've had zero problems with HMS and I guess if we would cry about the little stuff I'd write paragraphs about my cable provider, internet provider, utility provider, etc...but remember it's all small stuff - don't sweat the small stuff. We love HMS and will renew soon.

  • Al
      22nd of Mar, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Our Realtor told us to Google HMS and we've found so many complaints that either these complainers are idiots or are just uneducated consumers. We did have a claim situation but it was ironed out quickly after we called our real estate agent. So, instead of taking the time to come online and complain - funnel your frustrations and call your Realtor - they will contact the reachable person and it'll be resolved. We are happy HMS campers.

  • Ld
      26th of Feb, 2016
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    I AM currently in a battle with HMS who sent a plumber Murray's Plumbing to my home for no hot water from a brand new hot water heater installed in 2013 and I purchased my home 11/2015. This plumber told all kinds of lines and stories like I had a dog in my basement so he was not able to get to the hot water heater at first, then he said that my hot water heater filter was clogged with dog hair. I don't have a dog and neither did the previous owner. Come to find out that my hot water heater doesn't even have a filter, so he never even opened the system up and check it out, he choose to use an excuse from the booklet that would support HMS not covering the repair. They then tried to rip me off by stating that they were not able to replace the filters without replacing the entire brand new system for $1700, plus my $100 deductible. HMS advise that I call the Ray, Owner of Murray's Plumbing to get clarity on his techs report. He started telling me about a dog again. I advised I dont' have a dog and this fool called me a liar and stated that he believed his tech. this when on for almost a month with no hot water for bathing cloth and dish washing and I had only been in my home for 2 1/2 months. HMS continued to deny me service and advised that I could not get my own second opinion otherwise I would breach the contract agreement. Later they said Oh yes you can. BGE came out and fixed the problem in 29 mins to include my payment. Verified that their was no filter and did a nitrogen treatment for $100 where as Murray;'s wanted another $285 in addition to the $100 deductiable I paid them. They have agreed to reimburse me for both deductiable payments but refuse to compensate me for the inconvience of not having hot water for almost a month. They also refuse to remove Murray's from their list of contractors and provide me with a written response to my written and formal complaint and appeal that I filed with them. HMS is a rip off!

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