Hireright.comUnable to get refund

I initiated contact with HireRight to run a background check for a client, which the ended up not doing. I have no issue with them choosing not to do the check, however they charged me and I am unable to get a refund for the $122.87 they charged. They canceled the background check within an hour of my request and the charge was still pending on my account. Rather than reversing it immediately or responding to me when I requested that this be done, they have chosen not to respond to 6 emails and I have called 4 times with no promised calls back. This was charged on 12/17/14 and today is 1/7/14 and I have not gotten refund nor respond from my emails. Do not pay money to this company unless you are very certain that they are going to run your check. There is no reason for them to keep my money for 30 days (estimate I was given on the phone of when I might see refund) when they did not do anything for me and this was decided within 1 hour of order being placed. Very unethical and non-responsive company.

Jan 07, 2015

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