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HirerightCosts us thousands

How switching to HireRight costs my company millions of dollars!

I work for a Fortune 30 company. About a year ago, my company switched to using HireRight for background checks. The reason for the change was that HireRight was cheaper and this would be a big savings for the company.
I estimate this change is costing us millions. We employ lots of engineers and those people are not so easy to find. It takes us a while to find a good candidate and now when we do, it takes up to 2 – 3 months to bring them on.
Basically the way HireRight works is everyone is guilty until proven innocent. Almost every report comes back with discrepancy and unable to verify back on it. Then it’s up to the Job candidate to provide proof. Only instead of simply calling the HR department, they have to go back and dig up W2 from 10 years ago. A candidate can’t remember if they started on the 14th or 15th of the month on a job 10 years ago, Discrepancy in big red letters.
So you say, who cares, so the candidate has to do some work and it takes a little while longer before they start. We now lose a significant number of people we spent the time interviewing and recruiting because they are insulted by HireRight, give up on the process or decide to take another position they need a job and don’t want to wait 2 months.
How does this cost my company money? Before HireRight, we use to Hire people out right and have a reputable honest company provide background checks, which took about 48 hours. Now the only way to hire someone quickly is to use contactors. So instead of hiring a Software Engineer for 90K, we pay a contracting company 95$ per hour, which is double.
But then it gets worse, after a contractor is here for 6 months, we can hire them with no fee. Most of the time we end up paying the contract rate for 8 months, because it take 2 months to get all the red tape of HireRight done. So that’s even more money we have to pay.
The other big cost is turn over. I had amazing software engineer who we offered to hire as soon as we could. After 6 months we offered him a job and he accepted, but then he had to go through the HireRight process. He showed me his report which had red discrepancy for everything. The job he had as a contractor working for us was marked with a big red flag discrepancy. I went to HR with him and I asked them. How is this acceptable? You see the guy working here at his desk every day and we pay a background checking company that tells us that it is not true. He also went to his college website and was able to verify his degree in just seconds, also marked with discrepancy. He told me it was easier to go to another job than to dig up tax returns from 5 years ago. So now I have to train someone else and start all over again.
In summary, you may save 30$ per background check using HireRight, but it will cost you hundreds of thousands in turn over and paying contractors because you can no longer hire people.


  • Ka
    Kaymoise Apr 07, 2016

    So, what do dey with the W2s and paystubs? Do Hireright send the documents to the previous employers for confirmation or to the IRs? I am really confused as to why they need all that information.

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  • Kk
    kkq10751 Sep 07, 2015

    I have been going through the same process it has been two weeks and keep asking for more information that I can't provide like from a job 8 years ago now they want w-2's tax records who keeps information that long and the company I think is no longer in business. The job is suppose to start on Sept 14th 2015. My recruiter told me that my criminal back came back find and ask about high school, so I called the high school and verify the dates myself before I filled out the form and the woman at the school said, she dealt with them before and they know what to do and guess she wasn't happy with them either. The customer service people cannot speak good English when you tell them something you have to repeat it over and over again hard telling what they're reporting from conversations just glad it was being recorded. In my working career, I have many background checks and not one has ever been this difficult and confusing to me, it just ridiculous even when I was in the service for a top secret clearance, also a Federal job never had one problem.

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  • Ad
    Adrenatek Sep 03, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I see your point 100%. I have already started to dislike hireright. I applied for a job at at&t, seems like a great company to work for and i did very well on all their tests and they liked me in interviews. But now they have me dealing with this hireright company which is apparently a long and arduous process where they keep bugging me for more info. They are wanting w2 verification from companies i worked at years ago and some other information, and honestly i am not going to give them any further information than i already have because i know my information is correct and if they can't figure it out then they are incompetent as a background check company. If this process is this drawn out then it's not really worth letting other offers pass by. If that means i don't get the job with at&t, oh well. I have 2 other offers that do not require this ridiculous company to be involved.

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  • Ke
    KellyMcS Aug 27, 2015

    HireRight is the absolute worst background check company ever!! They sent me threatening emails and left scary voicemails saying they will report me to the employer as candidate failed to comply and I will loose my job because they couldn't verify my education directly via the university. I sent them a copy of my transcript from my records but that wasn't goon enough for them. They needed it to come straight from the university, and within 24 hours. The national student clearinghouse, which is one of the most trusted source for college degree verification also verified my education, but they said they will only accept an official transcript and degree either mailed or faxed to them, and that too within 24 hours. No matter how hard I try there was no way to get an official transcript emailed or faxed to them within 24 hours. They also asked me to submit w2 and pay stub for a job that they had already verified though the work number. I was very disappointed to have to deny the offer because of how stressful the background check process was. I have gone through at least 8 background checks in the past and there was never a problem. Firms like JPM and Citi had performed a successful background checks on my employment, education, criminal and in some instances even credit, and I never had any issues. This was the only company that had so many problems verifying information. Thing turned out just fine for me, I got a new, and even better offer after I denied the offer due to hireright and their unethical and unorganized was of doing business. However, I feel bad for those who struggle to even get an offer, especially in this tight economy and job market. I wish employers would stop trusting and replying on such an awful company to perform background checks. I am surprised hireright is even business after the fine and law suits, and all the complaints and even more shocked that such huge company like Thomson Reuters uses such an awful and mismanaged company to verify potential employee background data. In am happily employed now but if I ever change my mind and end up in the job market, I will deny the offer even before background check process if the firm hiring me uses hireright. Employers please stop using them, and causing innocent job seekers a job.

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  • No
    No to hire right Dec 05, 2014

    I completely agree with you . I cleared security clearance for federal jobs easily with out no hassle after I provided all the required paperwork. First of all, The website of hire right is a joke. Don't know who designed it. the status stays in in-progress for weeks with out any details on wht they are waiting for. Also as many pointed out if we are providing all sensitive info like w2/Paystubs and mark lists to them ...wht part of verification are they doing by their own.
    Their ridiculous questions:
    "Please provide college name for Masters degree ( XX university )"- I provided the name of university while filling the info and also uploaded the mark lists and certs.
    "Please provide photo as proof of college you did your masters"-- how does this serve as a proof ?

    "Please provide your employee ID when you worked for XX company"-- who will remember employee IDs?? even though I had some pic of my badges of my previous contracts...not all of them will have any ID. mostly it is barcode. what they are going to do with it?

    Not sure why this company is still in business and why big clients like american express are encouraging them.

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  • Ji
    Jim Robuk Aug 25, 2014

    This has been the most difficult background investigation other than when applying for a top secret clearance. This company needs to be shut down for the lack of performance to a blistering degree. A good background check should take at least 3 weeks tops. I have not seen this kind of malfunction in my life! They leave you in the dark with no explanation as to what they hell they are doing! When you log onto their website to check on the status it just sits in "In Progress" for weeks. These people should be dragged out into the streets and beaten for the type of crap they are doing to people.

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  • La
    lalubaba Jun 09, 2014

    they drag things to show the 20 minute job as 20 weeks job. pathetic.

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  • Ih
    ihatehirewrong Jan 24, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer



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  • Uk
    UKGUy333 Oct 26, 2012

    Just my comments from the UK which seems strange as most checks seem US based. (was for a us company). the hireright process for me was for a good position at a big company. But I almost accepted another job purely down to this process. I had medicals and other tests then hireright. Basically they kept requesting information one at a time and it took days. There was documents years old they requested I no longer had and couldnt get in contact with the directors of a company I worked for because they won't speak to people from india etc. I ended up having to phone them my self and ask them to agree to speak. Caused a headache and instead of looking forward to starting a new job I'm really unsure when my notice period is up if I will still go or just contract my self out.

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  • Lv
    lv1979 Jun 13, 2012

    I'm not sure why any company uses Hireright. Instead of doing the work they are being paid for, Hireright bothers the potential employee with requests for w-2 forms, paycheck stubs etc... They make plenty of mistakes with their findings according to BBB and by the time the situation is rectified the applicant usually has already lost their job offer. Companies should use A Check America, Lexisnexis anyone but Hireright. Hireright must be awfully cheap that is the only reason I can come up with as to why companies use them.

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  • On
    onemadwifey Dec 22, 2011

    I completely agree! Was offered a job at a local nursing home as a nurse. Went in for orientation, was told i didn't met hiring criteria ( but I did three days ago). Called Kroll/ hireright and was told my criminal background was flagged due to medicaid/medicare fraud. Upon more calls, emails and internet research, there was a mistake made on their behalf. Someone with a name similar to mine committed the fraud( not my SS# )! Now i know why unemployment rates are so high!!!

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  • Sa
    SamAS Dec 11, 2011

    This company is a mess. I suppose I could understand so much information being needed for positions that require a top secret clearance or positions with a person who is going to represent a large company to the public, but it seems many employers who are simply conducting routine business are using HireRight. I am going through this mess of a background check now, and they keep demanding information I've sent them multiple times. I am NOT going to provide this company with copies of my full taxes for the last several years or bank statements to prove deposits. I think I will probably end up turning down my offer of employment, which is too bad because I would really enjoy the position. Notice to companies who use HireRight: Your qualified applicants who have nothing to hide are being made to feel like they are liars and criminals by a company that can't keep track of information or do any verification on its own. Stop hiring a company that demands access to your applicants' personal financial records. This is not necessary, and the smart people who realize this is crossing the line and intrusive will simply seek employment elsewhere.

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  • Hi
    hirewrong Dec 09, 2011

    i am telling you from experience, 90 percent of our work is being rolled over to be off shored. all your personal information ssn-dob-current and past residency information, licensing information such as healthcare credential checks, mvr searches, even sex offender searches... EVERYTHING!!! all to people that can't communicate in our language. they are verifying things they can't even comprehend. but as we have been told, they can hire 3 workers to our one so obviously their priority is not quality accurate information, it is just about how much money they can line their pockets with at the risk of the clients confidentiality. this company has no integrity, standards, or decency... oh yes one last tidbit.. by march the financial dept will be in Poland???? there also was an employee that was stealing computers with peoples personal information and carrying them out during the day and coming back at night for more. he was finally caught but how much secure information was released before that happened you have to wonder!!!n there are many better companies to trust your background checks to. don't risk using this company.

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  • Se
    S_E Jun 28, 2011

    Told by a prospective employer I was hired to fill a software engineer position. I gave my previous employer their required 15 day termination notice. Everything was going smoothly until I was to start my new job. The background check came back as a "Do Not Hire" due to a criminal conviction. HireRight used my name and partial birth date to obtain the background information. I searched the internet and found the person, location (I have never lived or visited), and the criminal was NOT even of the same ethnic background.
    Called HireRight to clear up the matter and they told me they would recheck my background in 30 days. I paid to have my own background check performed and it took less than 24 hours. All my information was very correct (even 1 traffic citation from 6 years ago) and there was NO criminal conviction in my background check results.
    Now I am between jobs (no income), worried my new employer won't want to wait 30 days for a new employee to start work, and a nervous wreck waiting on HireRight to correct their reporting error.
    It must be real nice to charge money for a service, not be held accountable for the information reported, and be able to take their sweat old time correcting errors at others expense. Especially when you consider that if I mistakenly code a logic error in one of my software modules the probability of me getting fired is pretty in high.

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  • Pa
    Pankaj Shyoran Apr 04, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am totally agree with you.
    Hireright is simply HireWrong.
    You cant find a suitable candidate relying on hireright

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  • Je
    Jess2017 Dec 08, 2010

    Hireright is horrible. I have lost two jobs because of them and may be losing another. They often only give 3 days to valdidate employment and if the employer doesn't promptly respond they will give a report back to the company that says "unverifiable). They use an automated system that allows no room for human intervention. The slightest snafu will lose you a job.

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  • Ba
    Barrel47 Nov 05, 2010

    This isn't your screening provider's issue, it is your company's policy. A company decides what level of depth to validate. The screening company simply does what their client wants.

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  • Ja
    jamesbaker Nov 04, 2010

    I have been trying to fill my Software Engineer position for over 11 months. Each time I get a good applicant, spend a day interviewing them and make them an offer.

    Next HR puts them though the HireRight mess. This takes several weeks as they have to proof ever positions they had on their resume sometimes with taxes etc. It is suppose to be a simple verification, but it ends up being more like getting a loan for house.

    Each time the applicant either gives up on the verification process or just accepts another offer and I have to start all over again.

    You can't expect a good software engineer to stay on the market for a month while you make them verify the job they had 10 years ago at the company that no longer exists.

    Because of company's like HireRight who have no idea how things work in the real world, we can never hire anyone and have to use contractors. They come and go and it would be much better to hire a full time person.

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