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HireRight was contracted by my potential employer to review my background and order case copies for a charge that was closed as withhold adjudication in March of 2017. HireRight is blaming the court for taking too long to receive case copies. It is now May 9th and HireRight claims to have not received the case copies from the court yet and HireRight is unwilling to do anything to expedite this. I have asked a handful of supervisors to intervene and reach out to the court to confirm my case was in fact closed in March but HireRight is unwilling to do so. I have been told to keep waiting for an unknown amount of time. This process is now taking so long I fear I may lose the opportunity to work for my potential employer. My potential employer told me if HireRight can confirm that my case in Monroe County Florida was closed, then the company will move forward with my job offer.
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Someone needs to make a real effort to communicate directly with the court to obtain the documentation needed to finish this background investigation. It should not take two months to receive a document from the court. When asked how HireRight is requesting the information, HireRight stated they asked the court for the case copy and it is up to the court to take as long as they like to send case copies. While I question the validity of that claim, I would like someone to respond to this matter personally to obtain the records being requested to avoid further unnecessary delays.

May 09, 2017
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  •   May 09, 2017

    It is regretful your potential employer chose to utilize this company. A simple web search reveals A LOT of dissatisfied clients and HireRight employees alike. I do not think they are a good company.

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