Hilton Garden Inn Oldsmar, Florida / double charging

Oldsmar, FL, United States Review updated:

I booked by internet a room for 3 nights and got an advance purchase deal.
Good, so the charged my ceditcard for it in oct2008.

So far, so good.
I stayed 3 nights in this Hilton Garden Inn Hotel in Oldsmar with everything was just great.
Except that they charged me again on my creditcard, I found out in december 2008.

I phoned, but got only to the reservation desk.
I emailed with the customer guard department, got an email back from somebody called Christhopher with no surname, who promised to contact me after 3 working days.
I don't know how long 3 working days are in the US but in the Netherlands
it is indeed 3 working days, not more than 2 weeks like in the US and still no answer.

I now contact the Fraud Department of Mastercard about this double charging so maybe they can/will do something about this double charging in the HILTON GARDEN INN in OLDSMAR, FLORIDA

G.J. van Beveren
the Netherlands
(and still angry)

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