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Hilton Garden Inn Chattanooga TN / violently threatened in closed elevator by a guest

1 TN, United States Review updated:

My sister and I were threatened (with my three children) by another guest at the Hilton Garden Inn in Chattanooga TN on Chestnut St. The man shoved his way onto the elevator with the luggage trolley even though there was not room for him and us with all of our bags hanging from our shoulders. He kept telling his wife to join them, but she declined and waited. The doors closed. My sister said, "that was rude." He immediately became angry and threatened, "I'll knock you over if you want me to knock you over." He repeated this threat a few times and threw in the f*** word. Things grew very heated, intense and scary in that minute or two. When the door opened on our floor we were blocked by his luggage trolley and could not even get off the elevator unless he would move. My sister and I and my three children were terrified. He did ultimately move the luggage cart into the hall of our floor for us to leave but continued to berate us with curse words and threats. Thankfully a hotel bell hop was walking up the hallway and we immediately asked for help. The violent man re-entered the elevator and was gone. The manager at the Hilton Garden Inn has essentially said that it would be a he said/ she said situation. And he reminded us that we could experience an altercation with a stranger on the street where my children would hear such curse words being used. The thing is, the curse words, although shocking and scary for the kids I'm sure, were not what bothered me or my sister. What bothered us was the threat of physical violence inside a closed elevator where we could not escape and had no means to protect ourselves and these three little kids. Sure someone could threaten the same thing on the street, but on the street we could have run away or yelled for help---not so inside a closed elevator of the Hilton Garden Inn Chattanooga hotel. Our hearts were pounding, and we were terrified. This violent man even knows what floor we are on. So, here we are with three kids and a man upstairs that wants to hurt us, and yet the hotel manager says, "sorry."

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  31st of Jul, 2009
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The hotel can not start picking sides in this situation. As they were not present. This could have happend in any elevator anywhere. If the hotel knew who the guy was and you requested for the police to be called, they could have done that. But it sounds as though they didnt know who the guy was. So what can they do really?

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