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Posted: Nov 25, 2014 by    

Advance Purchase Reservation

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Hilton Hotels & Resorts
Buffalo, United States
Buyer Beware!!! Using Hilton Hotels & Resorts Advance Purchase Reservations system prevents you from getting a refund…PERIOD! I showed up at the counter of the hotel I had booked reservations with online using the advance purchase option. Desk clerk could not find my reservation. As it was during the unprecedented snow event that was occurring (6' of snow!) and I had my 80 year old mother with me, I booked and paid for two rooms assuming that, once Hilton saw that I still patronized the exact hotel on the exact same night, they'd refund me. NOPE! In my hurry to book as I was told by the desk agent over the phone that FEMA was negotiating taking the remaining rooms so he couldn't book them for me over the phone, I didn't realize the date had defaulted to Dec 20th. Hilton's response, policy is no refunds so no refund. 18 years as a Hilton Honors member for both myself and my husband didn't matter, good customer service didn't matter. Lost my business forever based on principle, not money.
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A  23rd of Jun, 2015 by    0 Votes
I Completely Agree! Hilton Has Cheapened Themselves By Using These Non Refundable Advanced Purchase Rooms. The Service Is Horrible When Dealing With Them. They Make No Exceptions To Their Non-refundable/or Changes Policy. I Did Not Realize This when I Booked. I have booked so many times with Hilton and never been aware they had this type of arrangement. I Booked my hotel several Weeks In Advance Not Knowing There Would Be An Incident That would prevent me from Traveling. After calling several times the Advanced Purchase Office Gave Such Bad Service and Response to me when I tried to Cancelled for unpreventable circumstances that I ended up cancelling all my future reservations because of their horrible service. Hilton showed me that they really did not value a loyal H Honors customer. If I had known they would have ended up treating me as they did, I would have used A Discount Hotel Service where I could have gotten better service And rates from using Hotels Dot Com, Bookings Or Expedia. I Did Not Expect All Of The trouble And poor service from Hilton because I booked this room. Buyers Be Aware. Using Advanced Purchase is completely NOT worth the inconvenience. There are just too many other quality choices to book a room with that will allow flexibility of a change or refund. Hilton's Advance Purchase is a big rip off.
N  16th of Aug, 2017 by    0 Votes
@JoynPain Im so upset, Im having a very similar experience, this should be illegal they are forcing me to book a hotel and pay $50 dollars because Im canceling a trip to New Orleans, due to their flooding. The companies ethics is wrong. They refuse to refund me $422 dollars and are extremely rude over the phone. Causes me stress and a migraine, I cant believe that this is even legal.
A  13th of Jan, 2017 by    0 Votes
CAUTION when using Advanced Purchase. Worst customer service I've ever encountered. I spend probably an hour searching for various Nashville hotels for 1/10/17. I finalized my decision on the Vanderbilt Hampton and had my credit card in hand. Before booking the room, I decided to go authenticate into HHonors to get the honors points, and then went to Advanced Purchase to book the room. Immediately I received my confirmation number and I thought I was good to go. When I arrived at the Hampton front desk on the 10th, I was told my booking was actually on the 17th. They had no other rooms. I spent most of the evening in Nashville trying to find a room and had to disrupt my planned evening schedule. I found a room at nearly double the rate with expensive parking. The first rude Advanced Purchase rep questioned whether I read all the fine print of the purchase agreement. And told me that they would not refund my rate. I spoke to a different Advanced Purchase rep the following day. She admitted that the Advanced Purchase system will change my chosen date and choose the next available date they have for the advertised rate. In my case, I was going to book though the Hampton directly for 1/10/17. But since Advanced Purchase did not have that price for the 10th, they changed my date to the 17th. And sent out the confirmation stating the 17th. The rep said the onus in on the buyer to notice the changed date. And the buyer should have recognized the changed date on the confirmation. And since the contract was binding, they could not refund the purchase. BUT out of courtesy they could transfer the cost toward any other hotel stay in the Hilton network as long as that date was booked within 4 days w/ a $25 transfer penalty. I don't travel often, but coincidentally I had to go out to San Fran in a couple months. So I found a nice Hilton, with relatively fair parking, for a nice price. I called the Advanced Purchase rep and spoke to yet a 3rd rude person. I wanted to cancel my Nashville 1/17/17 stay, pay my $25 penalty, and book a room in the San Fran Hilton I found. She told me they do not have Advanced Purchase at that hotel (4 months out, i might add). But she could do Advanced Purchase at a more expensive hotel with outrageous parking rates and no breakfast. I tell you. This is will be my last stay at a Hilton. Its hard to believe that Advanced Purchase can still be in business. COMPLETELY TERRIBLE AND DISHONEST. BUYER BEWARE!
A  13th of Aug, 2017 by    0 Votes
Totally agree! Hilton Honors BUYER BEWARE. I booked with a click of a button on the app and then it was HORRIBLE service after that after I tried to cancel before even checking in. No more Hilton for me!
N  16th of Aug, 2017 by    0 Votes
@Anna562 Im in your same boat, my father is also a honors member his company does business with the Hilton, however, I will make sure that changes after the terrible unethical service I have recieved.
A  12th of Oct, 2017 by    0 Votes
I experienced the same thing. I reserved Hilton in Altamonte Springs, Florida since July 17, 2017, bought with advance purchase rate because it's lower than the Best Available Rate. The reservation was made for October 15, 2017 for 3 nights. On October 9, 2017 I called to change the reservation to other type of rooms or to Embassy Suites by Hilton. The Customer service, Octavia, was not courteous at all. She spoke far away from the phone mic, I could hardly hear or understand what she said. She was impatience, seems like she assumed that I understand what advanced purchase is, she just said, NO CHANGES, NO REFUND.

She didn't explain to what is Advance Purchase and what is the implications or if there is a way to work it out. When I asked for a supervisor, she said that she is the supervisor. When I asked for her manager, she said no manager. She is the highest point to make decision. I was amused. After I was so angry, then she said that I could cancel it as long as I made another booking with Advanced Purchase and pay $50 booking fee. I didn't quite understand what she meant. She was not helpful as trying to find a solution for my problem and confusion.

So I called the hotel directly to cancel it, the hotel front desk was very nice. He helped me to cancel it only to found out that the rate was a non-refundable. So he suggested I called to the customer service for Advance Purchase, it's not the same with Hilton Honors customer service. It's a different department, their phone number is +1-800-236-7113.

I called the 1-800-236-7113 again and spoke with other customer service personal, Stefanie. At first she was okay but then she also became not impatience and told me to just decide which hotel to book. Rebooking fee is $50. But she didn't see an 'advance purchase' rate either. I thought, so what? Just make a booking an apply the money that I have paid since July, right? She said, no. You have to pay with 'advance purchase' rate pay immediately after you made the rebooking, then your money that was charged previously will be refunded and will be deducted by $50 for the rebooking fee. I was like a bit relieved, thinking that it's not that bad. So she said just book and she'll be able to see the new booking.
So I made the new booking, at the same hotel, on the same reservation date, with an executive rate, higher than the 'advance purchase' rate.

Then I called that +1-800-236-7113 again to tell them that I have rebooked the hotel. The other lady, Susie answered and she said that doesn't count. I was confused and mad. What again?? She said that I have to book the same condition, I have to book ADVANCE RATE again. Then I told her that the rate is not available, how can I book it, please tell me how. She said, find other dates, other hotel, other location as long as they have the ADVANCE RATE. And I have to book it today until midnight is the latest, because changes has to be made at the latest 3 days before the check in date. I may book any day as long as it's within one year of the day I cancelled. If I fail to rebook before midnight, the $300 that I have paid will not be refunded. Susie was rude, she is not a customer care, she does not care about the Hilton customer. When I talked, she also talked at the same time. When I yell, she also yelled and talking without listening to what I said, she didn't care with my frustration. She doesn't offer any solution or help. She didn't event say SORRY for her attitude.

How come Hilton hire such customer 'CARE'? 3 ladies that I talked to were very very rude!!!

Please check this department, how you train your customer care and check again your policy about ADVANCE PURCHASE RATE, it's ridiculous and trapping people. Creating a bad name for Hilton!!! The hotel and HHonor customer service were apologizing for these people, how they treated me but the couldn't do anything.

I want to tell every one, please beware, don't buy ADVANCE PURCHASE rate. Anything could happen. Your flight can be cancelled, changed to other date, but you may not be able to change your hotel, your money will be forfeited, especially if your hotel is not in United Sates, Mexico and the Caribbean. Be Careful.

What is the purpose of making this rate anyway? Is it to secure the booking with the hotel or to secure the money with Hilton Group? At the end the clients are the one that were taken advantage and being unfairly treated.

When I read the Rules and Restrictions, all of the statement are to secure Hilton Group. Not the hotel, not the clients. One of the fine line said: Advance Purchase Non-Refundable Rate discounts vary by hotel and commonly range from five (5) to twenty (20) percents off Best Available Rate. Charges cannot be applied to other stays, services or merchandise. No prices or hotel availability are guaranteed until full payment is received. Even after full payment has been received, we reserve the right to cancel a reservation without notice if we become aware of or are notified of any fraud or illegal activity associated with the payment for this reservation.

It's not worth it. 5% to 20% discount and then you have to lose 100% of your money if there is unforeseen things happen. Do you agree with me?

Dear Hilton Directors, managers, policy makers, please let the Hilton Group to go over this policy and take action to change it immediately. I have checked complaints from people that were shocked when something happened to their vacation plan, their flight etc. they end up losing their money, it's not necessary to create such a bad review. I hope there will be a class-suit action someday towards this policy.

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