Hillarys Blinds / venetian blinds dont close

Livingston, Scotland, Lothian, United Kingdom

I ordered venetian blinds for new house rep from hillarys was nice so ordered venetian blinds. Fitted on time fitter was well mannered polite and blinds looked lovely. That evening when it got dark closed blinds all was well until i received a visitor and they told me you can see right into your hall when these are closed and true enough they do not close properly what is the point of having blinds that do not close properly. Complained gentleman came out to look and said wrong clips have been fitted and he will order correct ones but will take a couple of weeks but we can use holes already drilled they will be fine glad about that brand new house just moved into do not want holes all over it. Three weeks pass no one appears so phone again got call back sorry have not been in touch have men off sick one in hosp with septicemia but will come out sat. A different gentleman came out no that is the right clips on them so he fixed whatever was wrong and they still do not close and he has just drilled more holes into door. Easy enough to fix hole you might say but as im disabled i cant get down to fix them. Have just phoned again saying i want refund blinds are no good if they dont CLOSE

Apr 6, 2014

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