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Before ordering I did some research and saw that HiFi Sound had relatively positive feedback. I ordered products on 4/9 and was told on 4/11 that products shipped and that I would receive tracking information that night. On 4/12, when I had not yet received shipping information, I checked in and was told the exact same thing as I was on 4/11. I decided to wait it out and on 4/13 when I still had not received tracking information, I inquired again and was given the exact same story. I decided to dig a little deeper as to the reputation of HiFi Sound and was shocked to find that this is a common occurrence and that they have terrible customer service. People had waited months for orders that they never received. I let my bank know that we may have a potential claim and that I was going to ask for a refund.
I contacted HiFi once again, bear in mind that all communications were though their online chat feature. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get someone on the phone at HiFi. I attempted to make over 10 phone calls and never once got a person on the line. They told me that they would process the cancellation but that the products had already shipped and that I would receive tracking information that night (same story again). I told the consultant that as long as I had confirmation on Monday that the order was cancelled that I would not follow through with the claim with my bank. On Monday 4/16, I checked in and was told that everything has been processed on their end and I should have the money in just a couple days. Today, 4/19, I started another chat and found out that the cancellation was still not processed. Only during that chat session, did they change the status of my order to “Pending Cancellation” and said that it was going to take 5-7 business days to see the refund in my account.
I am at a complete loss for words when it comes to this company. It literally seems that there isn't anyone there who cares or even anyone in charge for that matter. I am going to turn this into my bank to let them handle it as I cannot deal with the ignorance of these people any longer. Do not make the same mistake I did.


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