HiFi Corpwashing machine repairs

On the 31.05.18 I reported a faulty washing machine to the Manager t Hi-fi corp in William Moffat in Port Elizabeth. I have send him the slip as well. I am still waiting to hear when will a technician come and see to the faulty washing machine. I bought the machine 17.01.18. The manager (Jeff) informed me I dont have to bring the machine in to the store hey will send a tech out. Jeff was waiting for a Job number from the head office. We are a house hold of 4 and very cost effective to send the washing every 3rd day to a laundromat. The machine is not even 6 months old and water pissing out the front loader. I have the slip with me. The site didn't allow me to load it up.
Why is the service delivery so bad?

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Bianca Hildebrand

Jun 05, 2018

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