Hertz / Sedgwickworkers comp

On December 8th, 2013 I had an accident at hertz. I was a cleaner, it was snowing, wet, icy, and very cold. Head management wanted us to keep the car wash open, even though we are supposed to clean the inside and leave it at that when its slushy outside. But they wanted us to keep cleaning the cars. Lucky for me, one of the lower manages wanted us to close the wash early, she even knew it wasn't safe. Well as I was closing the wash, I stepped wrong and slipped on the tire alignment bars and landed face first into the ground. By the time they found me I was already dropping into hypothermia, and my head felt like a meat cleaver was in it.

Needless to say, my memory was not much after that, but if you forget little things like forgetting fuel or the windows are not right or you forget something in the car. You get punished... well, I was doing great for a while, but I forgot fuel in on of the tanks earlier in 2014 and needless to say, it happens. But for some reason, they only went after me.

I had to get a lawyer to get the Insurance to do ANYTHING for me, but that seem to upset Hertz upper class, and for some reason the harassment got worse. Even the guys I worked so closely with noticed there targeting me. But as luck would have it, I forgot to fuel a car again, but this customer didn't complain, but we brought it back, fueled it up and they went on there way. But, they went ahead and fired me anyway, and I still get upset to this day how far gone my memory has gotten. Even when I am driving, I forget where I am going, miss my exits all the time, even simple things around the house. I just can't hold it together any more.

Now there insurance is giving me the run around, they are treating me like trash making me run in circles getting denied treatments even when they first approve it, and then denied it at the end. I would give anything to see those two pay for what they had done to me. It was not ALL my fault I forget things... such simple things too. Things that only take a quick min to fix, but they just fired me even knowing the problems I had. Well, it was my fault I didn't point it out to them in the first place. I was trying not to point fingers and blame, but at this point... they have put me so far into a hole, I am having such a hard getting back to my feet. I want them to know this can NOT happen to people. I work so hard picking up peoples FILTH and then they turn around and treat me even worse.

I want the management at this Hertz to PAY for what they have done.

Jan 05, 2015

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