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Healthbuy has a complicated and vague return policy. Read it carefully. They say they will refund your purchase price less shipping but actually charge a $5.00 per item restocking fee. I ordered one item, a six month supply that came in six boxes. I was charged $40.00 for restocking. Numerous emails and complaints did not produce a statement or explanation of how they came up with $40.00 for restocking one item, or even six boxes.

5 X 8 will get you $40.00. How did they come up with that? The item I ordered was returned because the website did not give enough information for me to know that the item was not appropriate for me.

My cost to read the products enclosure: $82.00!

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  • Va
      2nd of Dec, 2008
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    These people are such a rip-off. I ordered a product from them on November 1. On November 3, my account was charged the $49.95 (the amount of the product) and the money was taken from my bank account. Weeks went by and I never heard anything from them.

    I would try to call, but no luck ever getting through. On November 30, I contacted them by email to explain its been about a month and I have received absolutely nothing. They emailed me back to say that my product would be shipped immediately. I check my bank account and notice that this company has charged me $99.90!!! They have charged me double the amount for what reason I have no idea. I have no idea how they justify this or why they did this.

    I am now out of $99.90 on TOP of the $49.95 that I previously spent, which they kept by the way. I'm out $150 and never even got my product! What's worst, is that I didn't have that extra money in my account, so my bank account is overdrawn for reasons not my fault. Those who have Bank of America know that I will now be charged $37.00 for every single day my account is overdrawn. I'm going to end up out of hundreds of dollars all because of these idiots! As you can imagine, I have emailed them some very nasty emails, have not heard back just yet.

    Please DO NOT order from these people! They are scammers!

  • Ta
      27th of Jan, 2009
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    how is your case - did you find any solution?
    Keep posting here, every information is useful-Thank you.

  • Ko
      9th of Oct, 2009
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    I have had lots of problems here, after threating them that I would go to the commerce commision and put them on our NZ programme Fair Go I finally got a responce back stating the terms and conditions and a phone number to cancel. A toll free number (886) 9288043 and if it's an international call that requires a toll then try Skype if you have it, will go through without charge. The health buy operater there would put in an email requesting cancellation and the refund.

    It has taken me a week to sort this out and try to cancel with healthbuy, after trying within the 14 day trial period, by that time it's to late after following their link to cancel and comming across the option to cancel the 14 day trial ... in brackets stating this option is not available, when it should have been.

  • Mi
      3rd of Nov, 2009
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    I purchesed 1 bottal of wartrol and I was told the price was approx $25.00 which included shipping and handling. After I placed my order I was told that I could buy a lifetime supple at the price of $25.oo and all I had to do was pay for shipping and handling. My order number was #1635983. I didn't pay any attention to the invoice at the time, but I was thinking about ordering another bottle, and when I looked at the invoice and it says I paid $49. 95 for 1 bottle, and that I would be billed another $49.95 for another bottle. It also says my credit card would be $99.89, plus $6.95 for shipping and handling. This is not what I agreed to and I want my lifetime free supply canceled if you can not get this right. Please do not charge my credit card any more money. Thank you for your assistance, please let me know by email at If you find that I am right I might order another free bottle, please don't send another order until I have had a chance to look at your decision. Thanks again Michael R. Holden

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