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I would like to let you guys know that although these free trial/free sample websites are scams - you are however liable for all these transactions. I suggest you read the merchants terms and conditions before you put your credit card details in! There is no such thng as FREE in this world anymore. There is always a catch! Now a lot of people say that it is free trial or free sample and you never signed up for anything...TOUGH! it does not matter! The minute you enter your credit card details you automatically authorised the merchant to debit your credit card. By signing up, you AGREED to their terms and conditions. It is our responsibility to read these terms and conditions no matter how boring they look.

By going through your credit card company - they have rules and regulations that they also need to follow. Just because you think youve been ripped doesnt mean its fraud. you AGREED to these charges by entering your credit card details. Your bank can only do so much and because they are just a method of payment, you have to go back to the merchants terms and condtions, have A read and UNDERSTAND their cancellation and return policy. you must attempt to resolve it with the merchant first.

Im seriously sick and tired of seeing how many people complain and yet stupid enough to sign up. Scam? yes and no. They do howver do a VERY clever marketing but it says on their terms and condtions.

I truly suggest :
** do not give out your credit card details or bank account to any website you are not familiar with
**remeber: there is no such thing as 'FREE'!
**READ OUT TERMS AND CONDITIONS BEFORE SIGINING UP FOR ANYTHING because in the end, if you go to your bank, and you do not follow the merchants refund or cancellation policy because you are either too lazy or cant be bothered - they cant help you at all in getting your money back!
**If you want weight loss - go to the want white teeth? go to the dentist! you want to earn money? Work harder! scams are everywhere...but remember...its BUYER BEWARE!!!

thats all. take this to heart. i know from experience.

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