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I went to Heald college to get a AA degree as i continue to go I was not only held there longer then I needed to be I was not graduating with a AA no I was going to leave with a AAS. I was set to graduate and everything and I was cleared to go today 10/8/12 the day before grad I'm not walking because I failed one class. I went there to see what is going on and what could be done no one wanted to help me I submitted a grivness letter to explain y I missed two assignments and a Benchmark and even with my explanation the president still denied me to graduate, he wouldn't even talk to me one of the advisors told me he said no they will not help me or find a solution it is ither I retake the class which I have no more money to offer or I walk away I spent 20, 000 and got nothing I WANT MY MONEY BACK or give me my degree!!!

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  • Fo
      Oct 09, 2012

    It isn't the college's fault that you missed two assignments and a Benchmark(whatever that is.) It is nobody's fault but your own. Why did you miss two assignments and why didn't you see if you could make them up? When I was a junior in high school I missed two weeks of school because of illness and I had been having a hard time with one of my classes and I found a month before the end of the year that I was going to fail the class, even though I had been doing the assignments at home. So I went and spoke with the teacher and made arrangements to outline every chapter from that day, until the end of the school year and I would pass. It was a lot of extra work for me, but at least I passed the class. About two days before school was out, one of my classmates who was having trouble in the class too, because she was goofing around, saw me doing the outlining and asked what I was doing, and I told her, so went and asked the teacher if she could do the same thing, and she was told "no" because it was too close to the end of the year. There might be more reasons that you aren't graduating, for instance: your grievance letter.

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  • Kn
      Dec 12, 2014

    I graduated from heald salinas about six months into my progrm I noticed discrepancies on my student ledger $536 call grant came in to my acount and they entered it a balance instead of a credit when brought to their attention they said they sent it back to call grant because I didnt qualify for it .I contacted call grant and asked if this was the case call grant confirmed payment disbursed to my student acount and confirmed there have been no funds returned to call grant nor should there be .and adviced me talk to financial aide at my school for mor info. That got me no where all they did was send me back and forth from the buisness office to financial aid giving me different and misleading info every time...I even talked to the Deen and management of both departments not to mention corporate office ..Transations on my student ledger concerning loans, grants, and student refund amounts and dates continued to be fraudulent and I have the print outs to prove it .After showing my documentaion to the businesses manager and the deen all of a sudden my student ledger was notin chronological order and the format and text was changed . Heald College frauded my student acount at least $3000 from what I can figure and show proof coinciding with documentation from fasa, call grant, my student loans and pell grant amounts and dates of disbursement of funds to show Heald college financial aide and business office "book store " are scandalous crooks.

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