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Hawaiian Airlines / Deceptive Advertising

1 3375 Koapaka Street, SuiteG350Honolulu, HI, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 800 367-5320


My name is James L. Tucker. I live in California with my wife of 46 years. Our son, Bryon, lives on the island of Oahu with his wife, Arlene. We made plans to visit them in February of this year and began checking about ticket prices and went through Cheap Tickets (Ha!). Each time I checked the prices were going up, so, my son advised me I had better go ahead and purchase the tickets. I did so on October 22, 2009, and paid $579.00 for each of us. Our departure time was for 8:30 a.m. which was going to make getting on the plane on time would require an extremely early get up and travel down to LAX. So, in checking prices directly on the Hawaiian, I found that the ticket prices had dropped to $325.00 each for a total of $651.40. When I checked what penalty I would face to cancel my original tickets, it stated there would be a $400.00 penalty.

Since, even with the $400.00 penalty, I would still have over $700.00 to spend on a future flight, I cancelled our flight reservation through Cheap Tickets and purchased the new tickets through Hawaiian Airlines with a more reasonable departure time of 5:00 p.m.


Later on in 2010 we planned to visit some friends in Colorado, so I contacted Cheap Tickets to utilize the $700.00+ remaining on our account. I was notified that Cheap Tickets did not have the credit. Hawaiian Airlines held the money (credit). Well, there goes our Colorado trip. So, I contacted Hawaiian Airlines to see about purchasing tickets for a flight in 2011. I was told that it would cost us another $350.00 since we HAD TO PURCHASE THE NEW TICKETS AT THE SAME PRICE of $579.00 each.
I said, “No way, ” as well as a few other phrases.

As the deadline (October 22, 2010) approached we decided to put aside our pride and purchase tickets for $350.00 rather that loose the $1154.00 we would otherwise lose.

This time, after going on to Hawaiian and finding two round trip tickets in February 2011 for a total of $668.00, I contacted Hawaiian Airlines to book the tickets for a surcharge of $350.00. The representative now told me the cost would be over $600.00. In other words, they were charging me virtually the same price it would cost for new tickets. I asked him, “What did you do with the $1154.00 that you charged my account.” He (who sounded like he was from/in India) went into a legalized sermon on why it cost so much.

So, my canceling the original tickets cost my wife and I $1154.00, not $400.00 as stated in the


On February 1, 2010, I went online to Hawaiian Airlines to print out our (my wife an my) boarding passes. During that transaction I was offered to upgrade from coach to first class for $698.00. Since our original tickets totaled $651.20, and since they never showed me that the new total was going to be $1349. 20, it made it appear as though the upgrade was going to cost $698.00 total. They also told me that they could not print out my boarding pass since they needed more information and I would have to check in at the counter at LAX. (I believe this was done to avoid showing me the new total would be $1349.20). Even when I checked in at LAX I was never shown the total amount.

It was not until I went online on February 8, 2010, to print out the boarding passes for our return flight and, once again, they offered me a chance to upgrade to first class for $698.00, that I realized what had happened. I declined the upgrade and they allowed me to print out my boarding passes. I then immediately called Hawaiian Airlines and complained about the deceptive method they had used to get me to spend more than twice as much for our airline tickets than we had planned and saved for over a year to purchase. They said that, since we enjoyed first class accommodations on the flight over, they would not return our money.

I have never purchased anything online from any website that had not shown the total amount of the purchase. This was an obvious intentional misrepresentation and trap that I’m sure has tricked more than just myself.


Additionally, my wife had a pair of very expensive shoes stolen from her suitcase on the flight over to Hawaii. This could only have been done by an airline employee.

Hopefully, this information will make people aware of how deceitful and cold hearted is Hawaiian Airlines. A company that advertises how wonderful they treat their customers. Two tickets costing $651.20 ended up costing us over $2593.00. We contacted Hawaiian Airlines, Capital One, The Better Business Bureau, and FAA and came up with no help.

We will never fly Hawaiian Airlines again. If you do, DO NOT, change your flight in ANY MANNER because you will fall into a trap of immense proportion.

SIGNED: James L. Tucker

Hawaiian Airlines

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