Harvey Normanstaff and damages done to my property due to false and misleading information

L Nov 22, 2017

I rang harvey normans Toowoomba today 22nd nov 2017 to explain that my seagate 1tb hard drive was not showing up on my laptop. I plug it intp the laptop and it says there is a device plugged in but it doesnt show up. The light works and the hard drive is making a low noise. I was told to take it into the store and the tech worker could look and see what was causing it and if needed to, to send it away to have it fixed/ photos recovered as i still have warranty (bought it in January 2015) was told that those hard drives are sold with 3 years warranty.
I took it intp the Toowoomba store. Explained everything i was told. He plugged my hard drive in and like i told them it wont show up on the computer, he tried a new cord and it still didn't work. He told me i meeded to buy a new housing for it. I said i still have warranty as it came with 3 years. He said no warranty has ended they only come out with 2 years warranty. I asked him if there was anything at all i could do to recover my photos as they are photos of my son when he was a baby. He said the only thing that will recover the photos is to replace the housing. Told me they were $20. And that to replace it you take out the inside "guts" and put it inside the nrw housing and it will be good to go and ill see my photos.
I paid for the new housing. Pulled my hard drive apart as i was told by harvey norman worker i had no warranty left. Put the "guts" in the new housing but it didnt fit. Yook it back and the other tech guy pulled tje silver foil off my hard drive piece and pulled off tje chip told me i didnt need it. Put tje guts inside the housing. Told me it will work. Came home. Tried it in the laptop. Still didnt work. Called harvey normans back explained everything to the person i spoke to. He said i do have warranty still as all seagate hard xrodrives come with 3 years warranty. He said i should have been given the option of sending my hard drive away. But because i have pulled my hard drove apart the warrant is now void and there is nothing they can do. But if i want to recover my photos i need to go tp data recovery company which will cost thousands.

THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!! i was given wrong information which caused me to void warranty. I wasted $20 on a new housing as i was told that was all i needed to recover my photos. And now i dont have a hard drive covered by warranty. Just the guts of my hard drive in a new housing. I would like to be contacted by the FRANCHISEE OWNER ONLY! I WILL NOT SPEAK TO STORE WORKER!
I would like a refund for tje housing i bought. I would love for my hard drive to be recovered.

Please contact me eithwr email: [protected]
Or mobile
Look forward to speaking with you in the next 24 hours. Kind regards lisa hicks

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