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Harvey Norman advertised free installation of new fridge and cree removal of old fridge in the EOFY - end of financial year - sale. As my old fridge was in excellent condition I arranged for it to be taken just into ky garage instead of removal. When the fridge arrived the delivery people were very eager to get away and were a little reluctant to take the old fridge into the garage and explained they had no knowledge that that was part of the deal. Incidentally the garage is just next to front door. Then when I askd a out the installation of the new fridge again they had no knowldge of this and said there was no sich thing as i stallationor a cridge and that all Imhad to do was plug it in and turn it on which they then did. They then left very quickly. Sgternthey left I moticed the fridge rolled forward every time the doors were opened and there seemed to be nothing I could do to stop this happeneong and it was becomming cery annoying. I then read the manial. The manual was clear that there is a clear installation process which had it been down woild havestopped the problem with the doors. The manual gave clear instructions of what to do. This involved lifting the frig and winding down the wheels to get th frig with a 10mm slant towards the back. Of course i could not do this myself. It took 2 men to do it. I was fortunate to have some tradesmen coming later that day and they did it. i don't believe this was an issue dor onky the Port Macquarie store. The evidence points to a conclusion of misleading qnd deceptive advertising in that Harvey Norman never intended to supply the installation they advertised.

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    Harvey Norman, Port Macquarie, New South Wales Complaints & Reviews - Advertising Harvey Norman Contacts & Informations Harvey Norman Posted: 2015-07-30 by Hate the Rip Off Advertising Complaint Rating: 0 % with 0 votes Contact information: Port Macquarie, New South Wales Australia To Follow up on my complaint lodged earlier today - I sent also to the onky email address I ahd for Harvey Norman Port Macquarie and suggested misleading advertising would be a national issue and they should pass on my complaint to the appropriate person tomgive Harvey Norman an opportunity to respond. I was phone early this morning by themperson from whom I bought the fridge and he explained the issue was local and not national. He said they had trouble getting delivery driver staff here and had been using removalists. The people who delivered the fridge also said they were femovalists hired at short notice. The HN rep admitted there had been. breakdown on communication between the store and the delivery company they used and the proper instructions that the deal had included installation for purchasers at no extra charge. He gave me a credit to cover the costs of getting someone to do the installation. So now all good. I believe him about having difficulty getting staff up here in regional town. I Also want to say that In Melbourne I had breat fear of HN because of reputation and the mentality of Gerry Harvey and only bought from them once. In Port Macquarie I have had very good experiences. There are onky 2 places here - Good Guys and Harvey Norman. My experience is that the staff without exception at good guys have zero product knowledge and zero interest in getting any information for customers. Havrvey Norman Port Macquarie have a coup, e of dud staff but the rest of them have been well informed and genuinely helpful. I have recently found this repeatedly over a few months when I have bought a fridge, dishwasher and TV from them. Somfor me it is a big thumbs UP for HArvey Norman Port Macquarie. Thanks guys

Jul 29, 2015
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  •   Jul 31, 2015

    Hi, this is very disappointing to hear and sounds like something we need to address with the franchisee for you. Thank you for taking the time to share this. If you could, please send us the full account again to this link so that we can issue a case number and keep track of the matter for you.

    Thanks and regards,
    Karl - HN Customer Service Team

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  • Ha
      Jul 31, 2015

    Karl, thank you for your respone. This is the first time I have used this or any other similar site. i have not been sure of procedures. I was contacted again this korning by Harvey norman and got onto this site to cooy and poaste by following ip to the complaint. Hence Have just noticed your message, I has come as a really pleasant surprise and I did not expect such efficiency. I did not understand that there was a place to out how the matter was resolved. Harvey Morman this morning told me they had just received an email from there franchise head office in Melbourne. This corssed over the resolution as I think I did mot enter in on yiur site in the right place. I have now founf how to do that. HN Port Macquarie gave this matter promt and very fair and reasonable attention. It was great that there was no attempt to white wash, cover-up or lie. I spoke to scott Nicholls who was frank and straight forward explaining how the problem occurred and that he applied a refund to my account of $50 to cover the costs of rectification and inconvenience. I have had ghree major purchases from Harvey Norman Port Macquarie in 6 months ie fridge, TV, and dishwasher and previously an iron and some other small purchasers. I have been totally pleased with HN in Port Macquarie. Without too much difficulty I have found staff who had good product knowledge who were able to hlep me research the products I needed in an objectiveanner without being too pushy to force me to buy something I was nnt hapoy with. I am totally hapoy with all my products. They are all still on warranty and I feel comfortable that if there were to be any problems with any of the manufactureres Harvey Norman would help me ceal with this. The Port Macquarie branch of Harvey Norman should not be judged by the general Harvey Norman reputation. Thanks again.

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  • Ha
      Jul 31, 2015

    It should also be noted that Harvey Norman Port Macquarie contacted me immediately which was well and before the franchise head office notified them of this complaint. Had I known the pricedure I could have waited before posting this complaint. Unfirtunateky Inhave had too many dealing with other companies eg telstra who are not genuine and well meaning so I expected the worst from HN but got thr best. HN Port Macquarie restored m faith in business.

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