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Marion Road, Australia

After being a loyal customer to Harvey Norman for more than 15 years I am sad to say that due to the ethics, sales techniques and attitude at Harvey Norman (Marion, South Australia, Australia) recently I have no option but to take my business elsewhere. I visited the store to purchase another Optus Australia mobile phone and wanted a specific brand. Optus had a promotion for a free Samsung mobile phone - which I happily upgraded to for other family members on another day, however, this was not the brand required at this time. The mobile was not in stock so the sales person told me to get a Samsung because it was free and sell it online and get some money for it - You should received at least $300 for it and rattled off the website name. I told him I was not interested and that it was not ethical ... He told me to listen and repeated himself a number of times.

I rang another Harvey Norman store and they had the brand style number in stock. A manager T*** was hovering around and after I completed the phone conversation he stepped in and said well we could always order one in. Having a chat and thinking about my options - I qualified myself (sales and service is ingrained in me) and decided to get a phone for myself and hand my phone to the person needing a new one. Choosing the correct brand I wanted and upgraded to the newest - sitting with the person I spoke about 256gig - he said you dont need it 128gig was ample (for some reason I trusted him even though I was reducing the gig size from my current phone) He stated the price and went on to choose a colour. Returning with the box he stated "I can save you more money" I asked how and was told because I was a good customer. - Oh thank you (good customer I would say is because of the $1000's that I have spent over the years in all Harvey departments).

He went to the Optus Australia site and downloaded the documents and I signed the papers without reviewing - stupid me... I said I need protection for the phone. It took him a good 5 minutes to even find a phone cover and screen protector "we have been busy" I said you should get someone to take ownership and ensure the merchandise is continuously stocked. He said "we need an automated system to restock upon sale".

I took my goods - a few days later when I unpacked the phone I realised the reason the plan was cheaper was because I was DUPED - it was a 64gig mobile - I was absolutely furious and humiliated because I was away at the time and had no option but to use the phone. I waited a few weeks to try and calm down and last Saturday I bent down to pick up my dog and the phone fell out of my pocket - onto the only stone on the grass - it hit the cover - scratched it and then went into the unprotected portion of the screen - yep the screen protector does not curve around to protect the whole screen and the case did not reached the edge of the screen protector.

I went into Harvey Norman (Marion, South Australia, Australia) quite distressed. The first consultant listened to my concern turned to the side and said J**** and walked off without a hand over so I repeated myself again. J had "never" seen this and said use your insurance. My reply being WARRANTY - both companies failed to protect my phone. He said he didn't know where to start and basically fobbed me off... and would not help me either with my second complaint of being DUPED by the other manager. Left the store before things got out of hand and rang and asked for the senior manager to call me. An hour later I had a call from C****** - who sold me the first 3 phones (in his first week I need to add). He said I was asked to call you but I have no idea what it is about. I said C are you a senior manager? No - I said I want to speak to the franchise manager and have a complaint about his managers. How DARE the managers on that day put C under the bus when they both knew I was upset!!! A*** called me back the next day... With the downgrading of the phone Oh I know T*** he wouldn't do that - Well he did this time... Take photos of the damage I will send it to the company and go from there. Because the screen is held together by the glass protector we were unable to take clear pictures so trotted off to see this A*** - Oh I thought you had a protector that totally encases your phone this is different... REALLY - NO neither were designed properly and still, I have an issue with being downgraded. All I can offer you is a credit for the difference between the 128 and 64gig.. I did not accept this and the reply was I cant do anything with this phone and would have to put it in the bin - obviously really FRUSTRATED I stated as my voice started rising so the $100 odd K that we have spent with Harvey Norman over the years means nothing to you. Gave him a few training sales techniques for UPGRADING and finding out customer NEEDS - he looked around nervously and told me to put my voice down. I stopped looked at him and then he said "in reason". Picking up my goods I left. I am left with an inefficient phone that will barely cover the apps . Cracked screen from bad manufacturing designs. Optus I hope you investigate the selling techniques used because I am happy to let you know how they are pushing your services and products to get sales...

Feb 7, 2019

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