Harlem FurnitureTerrible company


I paid for a three piece leather sectional with power love seat recliner and a sofa sleeper the last week in April. After I paid they told me the sofa sleeper was unavailable until the middle of June. I asked for my money back. Because I didn't have my paperwork with me at the time I cancelled, the cashier said the money would be refunded to my card in 2 days.

The next day, the original sales rep. told me that the furniture would be delivered before that date. Because of that, I allowed them to go ahead and deliver the love seat and wedge for the sectional. I called a week before the delivery date for the sofa and an acting manager named Aaron said the sofa was still not in and he didn't know when it would come. He said come in and pick something else.

My sectional was bought at a sale price. They had no more leather sectionals with a sofa bed and power recliner. Only a non power recliner with a sofa bed was available. I didn't want that. I picked out a leather sectional that had power recliner but no sofa bed. I was willing to sacrifice the sofa bed so that I could get the power recliner. I paid for both, but these people didn't have what I paid for in stock.

The problem is that since I paid a sale price for my sectional, Aaron wanted me to pay $300 for the replacement. I argued that I wasn't getting what I paid for anyway. Why should I come out of my pocket for something I really don't want in the first place. I paid for a different sofa sleeper with power reclining love seat. I would only be getting the power loveseat with the new set. I had waited almost a month for my sleeper and they had no idea when it would come in. They won't give me a refund. The corporate office didn't help at all. I'm making a complaint with the BBB and whoever else.

None of this mess is my fault. This company is not accepting responsibility for it own failure. No matter what he claims, Aaron could rectify this situation immediately. But he won't because he doesn't give a damn. Please, don't shop at these furniture stores. It's the worst customer service in the world.

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