Hampton Innillegal eviction-management abuse


On May 23, 2009, my wife and I checked in to the Hampton Inn, and went to sleep at about 7PM At approx. 9PM, we were awakened by the "temporary" Hotel Manager, Juanita Hatcher, accompanied by 6 Twin Falls Police Officers, who demanded entry to search the room. We were told there were "numerous" complaints of a "marijuana" smell coming from our room.

Upon examining us and searching the room, the Police verified there was no such activity going on at the time, or even recently, or we would have been arrested immediately. Ms. Hatcher became loud, provocative and rude and demanded that even though we were found innocent by 6 professional law enforcement officers, (who have extensive training in detecting drug activity), that we be evicted anyway, without due cause.

The Police told us that if the "temporary" Manager wanted us out, we must leave or be arrested. We were illegally evicted under Idaho State Law, as there was no cause, as clearly defined by State Innkeeper Laws, and Ms. Hatcher used her personal and casual relationship with the local police to enforce her illegal eviction.

No proper Corporate or Legal procedures were followed.
Numerous complaints to the Hampton Inn and Hilton customer service have gone unanswered, except we were told that since we were not charged for the night, the incident is closed.
The "temporary" manager, Juanita Hatcher (who briefly studied Criminal Justice in College), thought herself more qualified than the Twin Falls Police Department in assessing the situation, was not properly trained for this situation, and acted with overzealous hostility and punitive action against us, which violated both State law, and Hilton Corporate Policy and Procedures.

Her employer should have already been aware that she was not qualified or trained to act as "Temporary Manager" over the Memorial Day Holiday Weekend.
This was inexcusable, and we are considering serious civil action against Hilton, for negligence, with deliberate intent to cause harm.

Hampton Inn and Hilton's refusal to address this matter are just making us angrier...and WE ARE NOT JUST GOING TO GO AWAY!

Steven and Angela Kostritzky-Haws

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