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I have been an avid customer of hallmark products, Lifetime movies, etc. for yearsssss. However, upon some recent develpments (changes) to your company's strategy, I will no longer buy your products, watch your movies, or simply go out of my way to avoid anything that is manufactured by your company. I have 2 complaints. I used to love to watch Lifetime, however, lately most of the movies have turned very dark and cinister. I enjoyed many of your movies and made sure that when I ordered channels, Lifetimes had to be at the top of the list. Now I avoid it. I could turn to HBO or any other R rated movie for trashy elements.
My 2nd complaint is your recent decision to print same sex marriage cards. (It hasnt even been legaized yet, what r u thinking? ) Anyway, from now on, anything that has your stamp on it will be avoided by my family and friends. Hallmark used to be a symbol for family friendly, now youre politically correct friendly.

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  •   Jul 21, 2010

    Really are you that ignorant, what if 1 of your children grows up wanting to marry someone of the same sex? would you disown them?
    you are a [censor] it is 2010 grow up.

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  • Co
      Jul 21, 2010

    it is not ignorant to not agree with someone's life, Tammy, besides, you did not use proper punctuation while calling someone ignorant.

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  •   Jul 22, 2010

    I am not on here to learn proper punctuation as a matter of fact i will not use any punctuation on this message if that is what you are worried about and i didnt say it was ignorant to disagree i said to boycot the company because of the cards the company is there to make money and why not give everyone a place to buy the right card

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  • Fs
      Jan 03, 2011

    So annoying to want attention due to whom you sleep with! Gay people, just pick a card like the rest of us do...daaaaang!

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