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I just sat down to watch the most recent valentine movie: valentine in the vineyard.
It aired last night; 2/3. I dvr'd it.)
Talk about a huge dissappointment!!!
Sadly, I only got to enjoy the first part of it.
Once I saw the seen where the gay, male couple was at the couples event... I deleted the remainder of the movie!!!
Is this where the future of family entertainment is headed for hallmark???
If so, please count this conservative, moral, christian mother out!

Ps~I still have yet to hear back from you regarding the bar scene and all of this drinking of alcohol complaint that was made approximately six weeks ago!!!

Disappointed, long-time viewer and patron of hallmark products.

Feb 3, 2019
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  • Km
      4th of Feb, 2019

    You know I had to re-watch the movie to know what you were even complaining about. I initially didn't notice it the 1st time since those guys weren't even leads of the scene. They seems to just be a couple of cast extras so I paid them no never mind. Even when I did notice them I had to watch a couple more times to see if it was two guys or if the woman just had short hair. I don't think Hallmark ever specifically went out of their way to exclude gays or lesbians from their programming anyways. The week before the hotel manager in Ruby Herring was obviously gay, and a couple of years ago in A Bride For Christmas the sister of the lead actress was lesbian. So this is really nothing new for hallmark .

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  • Mr
      4th of Feb, 2019

    Well, if they are not represented they will boycott Hallmark.

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  • Ka
      23rd of Mar, 2019

    I hate that you are doing gays period. We are forced to watch listen to and put up with them in ways that just are not right. I hope for the sake of our kids and the Christian people who believe in Gods law you will think of us also. I do like your channel i just turn the channel on stuff like this.

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  • Um
      23rd of Mar, 2019

    @Kathy Jan Mawell So why don't you change the channel as you say and get in with licking God's ass?

    PS: God made gays, deal with it.

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