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Channel frozed while going to a commercial break while watching "Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade" when it came back from commercial it was a different movie. Then after the next commercial break it was back to the original movie but now I missed a big gap of it. What's going on? I don't know what the 2nd movie was but it had a red head from the North Pole who was dating a lawyer and trying to figure out if she was staying or going back home to Santa? I would like to watch what is on the TV program and not have to be confused or irritated. If it goes back to the 2nd movie again after the next commercial break then I will write a letter. Hallmark is how my family and I spend the holidays together. When it messes up it ruins our connection to the holiday memories. Please fix it from happening again. Happy Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas

  • Updated by MCoates · Nov 08, 2018

    Once again and in the same day within a 1-2 hr span, while watching "Christmas In The Air" the channel went to commercial break and came back on with a different movie which sadly to say is the same movie that interrupted the first time in my first complaint today. And now the channel is frozen. What is going on? I'm not one to be a bother and complain but this is ridiculous. Now the channel is unfrozen and back to the programmed movie. This is just ridiculous. And it's no use trying to flip back and forth from Hallmark channel to Hallmark's Movies and Mysterious channel cuz their both messed up. Hallmark channel is just black. No sound or picture. No it's not on my end either. It's coming from your end. Fix it for good. Ppl pay for electricity and cable to be able to watch their favorite shows but while waiting on the TV program, we're just wasting our money. Get it together Hallmark. Hallmark is my favorite Channel. No more swap ups.

Nov 08, 2018

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