Hallmarkchannel line up

Dear Hallmark, I love my Hallmark channels, but I was wondering if you could change up the movies. I've been watching for years and want to know why you are not showing some of the older Christmas movies from years past. I'm kind tired of watching the same new movies over and over and over.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Pasadena, CA A lot of the older ones like the Christmas Card, Time Peace/The Christmas Box, Boyfriend for Christmas, In My Dreams, Fallen Angel, Follow the Stars Home, The Lost Child, Silver Bells [2005], The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, etc. I haven't been watching the past 2 weeks, cause the line up is all repeats of all of the new movies, which some are ok and some dorky and don't care to watch again. The newer movies are not as interesting as the older movies. Plus, why all of these Prince Christmas movies? They are not realistic at all!!!
Please play older movies instead of constantly rerunning, rerunning and rerunning the boring new movies.

Dec 10, 2018

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