Hairclub For Men " Womenhair replacement scam

After a tv advertisment, and being an unexpirienced ESL senior***, we decided to stop by their office for information..they took her to a guest room when an unscrupulant consultant by the name Erica with an arrogant and " know it all"attitude informed her of the product and hair replacement procedurcts at that time ..the visitor told her she could pay "cash "only "and she couldnt take all those vitamins and hair vitamins..Erica..agreed to it and promptly show pictures..ran out out of the office and came back saying it will be discussed during first consultation she asked for ss# wich client asked why???she replied it was an "office requirement.".she ran out and said will be her return..she brought some "agreement papers" to sign misleading and lying info papers...telling her "now sign it...She secretly misinformed her what this was !!! A contract with a credit card !!!hooked her up" with a credit card Co..when it was deceiving /misleading /uncaring /unproffesional /business practices contract ., took advanatge of her unknowledge of this its under dispute of all this charges $ 3060.59 c. WHAT A ### of SCAMS..another victimmmm!!!no services were rendered to client, and an unused helmett&"with a ridiculous price of $850, was returned to office .Be carefull with this sneaky...croocked business!^!$*?×.# £...from every State in the country...

Jul 22, 2016

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