hairclub for men and womensubstandard product

I agree with all the complaints I've read. Over charging, poor quality hair, poor hair stylist.Everytime I got a different stylist, either they would cut too short or leave it too bulky. After the first few days it is unmanageble. It is souppose to be human hair but it isn't. Ive used good quality human hair and never had these problems.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in New York, NY The tape or glue left nude areas, Initially thet permed and dyed around the sides top and back, even though none of my hair was showing, then thet applied glue and tape. The texture of hair was incorrect. The stylist was in training. Came back the next day it was removed and another applied and cut by the trainer and its been down hill ever since. My last application I was told to cut my hair down so the product would fit better even tho it was measured withmy hair. I said ok. Just afte she started I looked into the mirror. She was shaving my head bald.

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