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When i choose to have a hair treatment, they tell me that all my hair problems it will gone, one of my issues is the i lose hair, and on the top of my hair it was forming a spot of not hair. When i went for my appointments i always told them that i was still loosing hair, the answer was because i have to lose the old hair for the new hair grow up.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Longmont, CO Every month same answer, oh is because the hair cycle, so every time the same answer, when i was at the 7 month treatment i confront them, i did collect all my lose hair in the zip bag and show them, i was in the seven month and my hair not stop felling, they toll me to let me please me, by give me another session for treatment, but the question still in the air in seven months they do not show me the results i was expecting how they will show me in a couple sessions more, i told them i will stay until the end but if in the end i did not see not results i want my money back, they try to convince me but the only thing i got for them after this confront was a color hair treatment, since then they never call me back for finish my treatment, at this point i just want my money back, same as i told them, i fell rep off this is very expensive treatment to show better results, with me it did not work.

Nov 17, 2015

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