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I went to hair club on Sunset Blvd in May and had consultancy with Alexander Gonzales he told me about the product Bio Matrix Procedure Alexander told me the cost of this procedure was 2100 and after this was done i would have to have my hair cut at Hair Club but no mention was made that every 4 to 5 months i would have to return and and have this product replaced or that i would have to use only there products so i went back in June 2011 to pay the money and have a test sample done. Prior to this this i spoke to Alexander on the phone who i ask can this procedure be done within 4 weeks as i had a wedding to attend he said yes but at the office he changed the story and said i will try as the Matrix takes up to 8 weeks to make, still no mention for the life span of the Matrix so come 18th of August 2011 i went for the procedure to be done after the procedure was over i was took to a consulting room to speak to a lady named Dora about my procedure and the care of it and then only was i told of the fact that i have to use only their shampoo and i will have to come every 4 to 5 months and have this product replaced at a cost of $1500 plus or go on a monthly plan. The monthly plan was monthly installments and i would pay 250 plus every month. I was not told of this on my first initial consultation. I was shocked why was i not told of this on my prior consultations? She could not answer and she just tried sale lines.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Los Angeles, CA she said that the monthly plan isn't so expensive as she herself spends this amount on her own hair every month. And i told her if had known of this cost prior to the procedure i would've had it done. I have 3 kids going to university and i cannot afford these maintenance costs she said what do you want me to do i said remove it today please and she said no go home and speak to your wife and come back the next day, so 19th of August 2011 i returned to have the Bio Matrix removed she said she would shampoo it for me and also style it for me i refused and she said that she couldn't remove so soon due too the solvent being so new it may cause damage my scalp. She also said we will take it off but we will not be able to give you a refund so i then spoke to Alexander Gonzales who i asked why did you not tell me of these extra replacement and maintenance charges his answer was you didn't ask me so i didn't tell you, his compromise was i will give you a free Matrix for the next time, i refused as i felt the trust had been broken we spoke also that you signed a contract mentioning in spall print the $1500. But the contract did not mention the life span so i want my money fully refunded and the Bio Matrix removed which they have agreed too and i had an appointment for that on the 23rd of August 2011 to but now they cancelled and have set a new date for the 24th of August. I feel as if i have been robbed and this problem seems to be occurring a lot as there are many complaints concerning this matter on the internet with the Hair Club For Men, LLC.

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  • Al
      Aug 22, 2011

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  • Cb
      Nov 23, 2011

    They are very deceiving people, they are not up front with the maintenance of the Bio-Matrix. They recommend the Bio-Matrix because this is where they can get a lot of money through the memberships and the applications. They would try to discourage you to even try the hair growth products. I was also a former club member who is trying to get my money back but all they want is to try to hook you into their products and membership. What disgust me even more that they suggested I do referral for the Cancer patients that lost their hair, since I work at the medical field. They just want to prey on those vulnerable people, it makes me sick.

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  • Ro
      Mar 24, 2012

    On September 9, 2011, I allowed my vanity to get the better of me. So, I get to the Ft. Lauderdale Office of HCM for a consult. Danielle greetings me at 4:00 pm in the office. She took me into a back office and gave me the sales pitch. She then asked for the Driver's License in order to get my credit report - everything was rush, rush, rush! I was told that the cost of the hair piece would be $2400.00. A piece of my hair would be take and cloned into a piece. In time, my original hair would grown into my "wig" and the two would become one. Later, she inquired how often I get a hair cut of which I responded every three to four months. Other than the fee of $95.00 mentioned in the contract, there was no mention a monthly maintenance fee.
    Well, after 3 weeks I returned to have the hair piece placed on my head - this was the start of the problem. The hair stylish did not place the piece on properly, the majority of the hair was pushed to the back of my head exposing my forehead. A month later, I returned for a hair cut. This time with a different stylish, Sylvia. She noticed the problem immediately! Note: For one month I had a hair piece on my head insulted improperly and nobody with HCM told me otherwise! Anyway, I had to have the hair shaved off completely and a temporary piece put on. The temporary was made of fine hair - required a lot of maintenance. After two weeks the hair in the piece started to come off in large amounts. So, I made an emergency call to Danielle - the day before the start of the Thanksgiving Holiday! The hair was removed another temporary piece was put on my head until my new hair arrived at the shop.
    My new hair piece looked great! So, left feeling on top of the world. Five weeks later i returned for a hair cut - this was my first paid hair cut under the "traditional plan" of $95.00, plus tip. While in the chair, Sylvia advises me that I should go on a plan; yet, she did not know the cost. She showed me the chart on the wall of the various plans; i.e., bronze to presidential. When I was paying for my haircut, Danielle informed me that the lowest (L O W E S T) plan is $210.00 a month! I told her I that I could NOT afford it and that I would stay on the traditional plan.
    Five weeks later, hair problems, again! Yet, Sylvia was able to fix it. Again, Danielle inquired about my intends of joining a plan. I told her no!
    Now on March 14, 2012, I called Danielle on the telephone and told her that as I have paid for the hair piece, I am stuck with it; yet, the cost of $125.00 ($95.00 for the hair cut plus $20.00 for a tip) a month was too expensive for me. She informed me that several of her clients live outside the US; therefore, instead of gluing the hair piece down, it would be taped. I would then be free to go to any hair stylish for a hair cut. So, on March 31, 2012, I going to do just that because I want own hair to growth back. Then, by the summer, I will no longer wear the wig - I have thinning hair at my forehead. Also, in order to apply the glue to hold down the back of the hair piece, a horseshoe shape hair cut is done.

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  •   Apr 11, 2012

    Sorry, I don't understand people who sign something without reading it - and then complain when they realize they just agreed to something they probably wouldn't normally agree to. EVERY company does it: power, cell phone, car dealers, utilities...but yet, you single out one company that put the offer in front of you, for you to read, and you signed it.

    I'm a happy client of HC, and they have always been great. My friend works as a stylist for their Miami location and I just don't see what all the fuss is about. The customer service I've received has been fantastic and I received no surprises because I READ WHAT I SIGNED.

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  • An
      Dec 08, 2012

    I went to HCM in Phoenix and purchased a BioMatrix system. I flat out asked how long and what the maintenance cost was. I was told it would last up to 5 years and i would have to return every 4 to 6 six weeks and pay 95 to maintain my hair. I agreed and signed the contract. after three other appointments i was told about the maintenance plans. I was shocked and looked over my contacts when I got home and it didn't say anything about the maintenance plan also the "product care book" that was given to me doesn't say anything about having to get a new piece every 10 weeks. So I did read the contract I was still blindsided with the maintenance so get off you high horse! you must have money just sitting around, but I don't because I am a junior high school teacher who HAS to put a portion of her paycheck back into her classroom to effectively educate students!

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