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First of all, this is not a complaint, It is just information about ther ext program from hair club. I couldn't find any information about the ext program, so I decided to write about my experiences. My hair was thinning and I decided to search for treatments and/or transplants. I went to a couple of experts, one tryed to sell me a $5k transplant, by the way I was only thinning on the front of my head, they call it the widows peak. I didnt want to rush in it, so I went for a second opinion to HCM, they told me that a transplant wasn't necessary, since I had caught it in good time. My hair was also thinning on top, I always had my hair very short, even in H.S. their shampoos and Minoxidil do work in the front of the head, also it works in the top, or any where in the head you want it to work. I've been doing this for 6 months now, and I am happy that I went thru it. I got my confidence back, my hair started to grow in the front, which is where I cared the most. I didnt find any information about their ext program online to see if it actually works. well it does. The only thing about the ext is that it is alittle expensive, their shampoo, minoxidil and vitamins, you can find these things in walgreens, Minoxidil comes in a small bottle that you just apply it to your head where it's thinning twice a day, the shampoo seems to work too. I slacked off the first 3 months because I didnt know what the reaction to the pills were going to be, It didnt have any side effect to me, Now I which I have done it the way it was intended to be. I only apply minoxidil once a day, instead of twice. I didnt take my vitamins every day. I dont know were you can find shampoo, but while showering it made my hair squeek when I was taking it off, that was a good indication that if was taking all that grease caused by dht. See if you can find some off that shampoo anywere else. and the vitamins you can also find them at walgreens. Taken twice a day. BUT FIRST OF ALL consult with a doctor, I didnt. I bet they will know what to do. they will probably tell you about minoxidil and vitamins and what type of shampoo to take. by the way, minoxidil is a brand of Rogaine. The minoxidil (walgreens brand) didnt dry fast enough for me. Oh, and there's pills that you can take to keep the hair that you have or will have after the treatment. One of those is propecial, but they are expensive, so again, talk to a doctor, they might have something cheaper, I didnt, but I will after I get my hair back. what else can I informe you with.

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  • Qu
      Dec 23, 2010

    I went to Hair Club a month ago, and the cust. Serv. Rep. told me that I need it to have a Bio...something their system name, but sounds like is a little wig they put on your bald scalp...and you have to go back every 3 or 4 weeks for re-touchs or smthing like that...What really scared me was when she CSR said "ARE YOU READY TO SIGN THE CONTRACT" she was a little pushy and gave a red FLAG when I told her I dont sign nothing until I research more...her anwer then was WHY did I go to Hair club? that was a music to my ears...Excume! I am a consumer have the right to go and check and see it and hear it witn my all senses...GOD Price $ 2500 plus 100 for every retouch or massage.

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  • Qu
      Dec 23, 2010

    FYI told CSR. I am using rogaine twice a day!
    1st ...she said their product is better because is less wattery than the normal rogaine .. more concentrated.
    2nd., She said Rogaine wont work for me cuz My foliculus are already closed...So which one should I believe?

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  • La
      Jan 12, 2011

    @question2011 You are smart man not to sign the contract. If you would have signed the contract for the expensive bio-matrix that cost you around 250 - 500, you are stuck with your contract. Of course you can cancel the contract but you won't get any refund. Both non surgical treatments are money ripping scam! Don't fall for their words!

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  • Se
      Apr 22, 2011

    i agree. i went and the price was too high and $95 for monthly maintenance was rediculous. they high pressured me and i walked out.

    you can do the maintenace yourself and if added hair is needed you can have that done as needed. just think $95 to clean it and glue it back is much too high and if they want you to sign a contract that is an immediate sign that they are out to get your money. how do you think they pay for those expensive commercials.

    there are other places where you can get a quality hair replacement. google it and you will find places such as hair direct, cool piece and top lace where you pay about 1/10 th the price. it just takes more effort on your part for measurements and to maintain it yourself. in about 3-5 months of hc maintenace you could get another hairpiece.

    hc isn't doing anything illegal but they are out to get your money and you pay lots more than what it's worth.

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