Hair Club for Men and Womenwish I knew earlier of hair club?

Jk Toronto, ON

I was at HCM for 14 years from 1990 to 2004. I saw the company COMPLETELY change over that time. In the early days, the hair was braided instead of glued, and the units were far more detectable. If you had hair in front to camouflage the hair system, it helped. This sounds awful, but the company was so different back then in a positive way. You bought 2 systems for $1000 each. Yeah, the company was probably getting them for less than $100, but those 2 systems lasted me 5 years! I would send them back for hair adds a few times a year for a nominal fee (e.g. $75). So basically, the only thing I paid for was services, which ran around $65 every 6 weeks back then. Polyfuse came about in the mid to late 90s, and with it the "programs", where you paid a mortgage payment to HCM each month to have lots of replacement units a year. The economics of wearing got horrific for clients, and the company started to do unethical selling. I may have been one of the longest running clients who NEVER WENT ON A PROGRAM. I milked the old model as long as possible, until there was no choice, then I started buying on-line, and doing everything myself (even cut). Now it costs me less than a $1000 a year. Check out it's a no brainer.

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