Hair Club for Men (and Women)issues with glue and extensions

This is a two edged complaint. The women who apply the hair extensions did a great job. They were professional and their work was remarkable. The issue I have is that the glue and the mesh that holds the hair caused a great deal of trouble for me personally. My scalp is peeling, it is bright red from irritation, I'm losing what little hair I did have because the extensions caused so much friction it literally rubbed away the hair (I sort of have a halo at this point). I went to a real doctor who said that my hair will probably come back, but not quickly.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in McLean, VA Unfortunately Hair Club also made statements like "women's hair transplants do not work" (which is a false statement according to the medical doctor I saw - it depends entirely on the candidate). The initial expense was $4000 for the extensions. you get them new every other month when you start the program, then depending on what program you choose after the 6 months are up - you can pay a lot more money. I chose the cheapest, it was 353 per month and you see someone every six weeks instead of once a month. The employees are great - but the side-effects of the glue and the extensions are unfortunate. I am not going back and I refused to pay them any more money. We should always remember caveat emptor...and do your research first.

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