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Haier America / Complaint on ESP

1 NH, United States Review updated:

Received a Haier Wine Cooler for Christmas, 2007, and bought the ESP for 3 year REPLACEMENT. Well the number I called on the contract was placed on 4/26/09. My cooler stopped working on the bottom. I did everything by the book to see if it was dirty inside, etc. I called and each time I was told I had to talk to a Rubin and then when I called I got the response of "He is not working today, He is on tomorrow" Well this went on 3 times. Then I called and the response was you called the wrong number and he told me the same number I called. Then when I got someone else, I was told it would take 5-10 days for a reply. Well the contract does not state that and it is well over the time.
I emailed Haier America and the ESP program no response. Next is the BBB and WBZ-Boston. ch

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  • Br
      10th of Jul, 2009
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    Guys if you think you have problems with Haier listen to this.
    I bought my combo/washer/dryer last dec whilst renovating used it two times end of Jan 2009.
    Unit literally blew up in flames. It is now July 2009. I know all the operators on first name basis. What a disaster this company is.
    This is something out of a horror movie
    Why wont you deal with me in writing ?????? I am constantly told that it will be another week. Today is July 10th and the SIYA supervisor is avoiding my calls. Today i called 4 times. It has been SIX MONTHS !!!

  • Ka
      6th of Oct, 2009
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    HAIER S-U-C-K-S!!! I have a 21-cubic-foot Haier refrigerator (bought 10/2006) that the compressor went out on 8/25/09. Compressor warrantied for 5 years. I have been conversing with HAIER's Call Center "Customer Service" for approx. 6 weeks. I have spoken to a BRIAN, a DAVE, a LIZ, a CEILIA, an ANITA, another BRYAN, a RAY-supposedly the "Call-Center Supervisor, " and finally a "SHEVON, " from the "Corp. Offices." I initially was told that the compressor would be replaced. Then, I was told the compressor unit was no longer available, ergo "Corp." would decided if the unit (my HAIER refrig) could be replaced. Then, I was told "YES, " HAIER would replace my refrig, just send in 8 inches of cord, Serial #, Model #, proof of purchase (receipt), THEN the replacement would be shipped FED-X ground. At 8:00 P.M. LAST NIGHT, however...I was called by an ANITA (AM Trust North America Warranty...Co.) who wanted to "go over" the list of things I needed to do in order to receive the replacement refrig (same list as previously stated)...and "OH BY THE WAY...Anita said...ONE MORE THING...You (MEANING ME) need to send a check or money order for $159.99 with the other items." I asked why. She said it was a "fee." She did not know what kind of fee...just a fee. I asked WHY after SO MANY hours and 10 phone calls and conversations later...this "fee" thing was just now mentioned to me AT 8:00 P.M. AT NIGHT...(remember, I had spoken with a "CEILIA" that a.m., no mention, ever, of a fee)...being added to the list? "It came down from the Corporate Office, " Anita said. I said I am not paying $159.99 to anyone. That, to me, is nothing less than tactics of extortion. I cannot believe that after all the "Customer Service Help" HAIER seemed to be offering to me before this late night phone call...NOW I will have to pay for what HAIER had promised to do. Of course, now I realize (Schmuck Me!) HAIER Customer Reps had no intention of ever doing anything they said they would do: FIX THEIR DEFECTIVE APPLIANCE PRODUCT!!! So on with this sad story...I found a HAIER CORP. OFFICE phone number (of which I was told by the Customer Reps. there was no such number), and was told by a "SHEVON, that there is nothing else that could be done...without THE CHECK...FIRST! I again asked, "Is there any other recourse, any other avenue, anyone else that I can go to at this company for help?" SHEVON SAID "NO." One-more-time...and with feeling...I asked, "ARE YOU SURE, SHEVON...NO COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT, NO ARBITRATOR, NO ONE ELSE?" SHEVON REPLIED, "OH, YOU DIDN'T ASK IF THERE WAS A COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT." Imagine that! I said the correct word and like magic..."Yes, " SHEVON told me, THERE IS ONE MORE THING I COULD DO... I can send my complaint to the HAIER COMPLAINT DEPT... same PO Box 8 in NJ where I am supposed to send the $159.99 check...and "they" will...Well, SHEVON really did not say just what the Complaint Desk/Dept. would actually do or not do. But, I could try this.

    AMERICAN CONSUMER: I have a 30-year-old Maytag refrigerator in my garage that has NEVER been worked on and hasn't missed a beat! I cannot believe the sorry representation of the CUSTOMER SERVICE arm of HAIER AMERICA. THIS COMPANY SHOULD BE ASHAMED! TELL HAIER CUSTOMERS UP FRONT BEFORE HOURS ARE SPENT GETTING ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE...THAT ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WILL BE DONE TO FIX A HAIER REFRIGERATOR...UNTIL HAIER GETS MORE $$$$$$$$$$$$ UP FRONT!!!

    I have my letters, faxes and pictures ready to go to HAIER CEO, Mr. Zhang Ruimin and the Board of Directors. If it wasn't so sad and might be comical...that HAIER'S CUSTOMER SERVICE & SUPPORT MOTTO IS...the "CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT." ...AND, NO LESS COMICAL... HAIER'S SERVICE POLICY MOTTO IS..."A COMPLAINT LODGED BY CUSTOMER IS THE MOST PRECIOUS GIFT." No...really...stop laughing...That is the absolute truth! That is what is on the HAIER WEBSITE.

    SOMEONE???? AT THE HAIER CORPORATION (Mr. Ruimin) NEEDS TO WAKE UP AND CLEAN UP THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTER MESS!!! IT IS EVEN EMBARASSING TO ME...AND THEY AREN'T EVEN MY EMPLOYEES! If my employees handled our customer service problems like this...AND, if one of my employees MADE A LATE-NIGHT-PHONE CALL... AFTER THE a customer of mine, asking for money after promising to replace one of our units without ANY $$$...That someone would get fired on the spot!

    ANYONE AT HAIER...WHO HAS ANY AUTHORITY...NEEDS TO READ UP: Your CEO Mr. Ruimin took a SLEDGEHAMMER to a DEFECTIVE HAIER refrigerator (one of 76) to make a point about what was and was not "ACCEPTABLE." ...I think I just found THE SOLUTION! WHERE'S A SLEDGEHAMMER? Maybe next year I will be the PRESIDENT OF HAIER CUSTOMER RELATIONS/SERVICES...I couldn't possibly do any worse!

    P.S. Would anyone at HAIER AMERICA like to send me a check for the $600 worth of groceries I lost in their defective refrigerator? I will send them the $159.99 check when HAIER sends me my $600 grocery reimbursement check! Now that sounds like some pretty good Customer Service...And, only took me a second to come up with a workable solution!!! NOT A #$%^& YEAR!!!

    KAJ Shreveport Louisiana 10/6/2009 A former HAIER customer!

  • Va
      25th of May, 2010
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    Dear Sir,
    We purchased a Washing Machine of Haier make which is giving us operations problems from day one. We tried registering a complains with customer care of Haier and as usual the tecnician comes and drains the water from the machine takes his fees and goes saying that it will work from now on. And as usual the machine gives the same E1 error and the whole house get the stink of stagnant water in the machine after a few days. Last week after registering a complain Mr.Francis a technician comes from Haier and releases the water from the machine and asks for his fees (Rs.250/-), this time we told him just wait for half hour more, we will wash the cloths in front of him so that he knows better what happens. He gets angry and vows never to return and leaves. on 22nd May i register a complain in the afternoon and within 1 hour get a call from Mr.Francis mocking us on our sorry Haier Washing machine, telling us that he will need his fees in advance if we want him to come. My question to Haier is, do you pay salary to these people or do they have to survive on our cost? My humble request to Haier is to replace our washing machine with a new unit and put my family out of our misery or try to get the machine repair once and for all. Hope there are people working at Haier with Good consiouns to understand my problem. Regards
    Vasco Fernandes
    Ph 9765253667
    Ph. 9561120009
    H. No.436 A
    Besides Matru Chaya
    New Vaddem

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