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Habbo Hotel / Scam

1 United States Review updated:

I purchased a 100 habbo coins for my daughter for her A's in school, that was $18. Being a single
mom with 3 kids every penny counts and I wanted to reward for her job well done in school.

Well, she used her habbo coins to decorate her room and she even had some left over. She logged off, next day everything gone! coins, habbo furni everything! I emailed the support and I basically got, "we're sorry you were scammed, buy some more coins." They said when she got scammed she should have immediately told someone..WE DID!!! And she wasn't online when it happened. I have bank draft of the money I used to buy the coins, there is a window that shows all her trans- actions..coins deposited, credits used and they're saying since they have NO proof coins were bought and what amount she used nothing can be done. I have the proof! I took screen shots of her transactions and my bank draft. The scam is you pump money into this site for coins for habbo furni and stuff and they don't do anything to help make the site secure or whatever or log things taken using someone's passwords and loggins. I think if someone can PROVE they were scammed they should reimburse the coins and furni. It's not like they have physical inventory it's pixelated furniture for heaven's sake!

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  • Ta
      28th of Apr, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I agree with you, my children had their room cleaned out when they gave their password to someone when asked on Habbo here in the UK. Habbo have sent me a standard response and refused to refund the credit. After a few minutes of investigation it would seem that scams and theft are rife on the site. I can't understand how the site can continue its operation without proper safeguards against theft from innocent children by more streetwise children.

  • Em
      10th of May, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I did the same thing I gave my pass and BAMB room cleaned out!
    I tryed reporting it but theirs a prob with it
    They need more mods around its supposed 2 be fun but when ya get sccamed its not
    I cryed!

  • W1
      14th of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I guess you or those A's didn't teach your child a damn thing. I've been on Habbo for as long as it's been around and I can only tell you that the only people that get scammed are the ones stupid enough to give away their personal information to other users because they think they're going to get something for free. Would your daughter give away her bank account number to anyone who asks for it? Of course not!! It clearly states on their website on the safety tab:

    "Be a smart surfer. Websites which offer you free furni, credits or pretend to be new Habbo hotels or staff homepages are all scams designed to steal your password. Don't give them your details and never download files from them; they could be keyloggers or viruses!"

    It is very clear that they are aware of the problem which is why they make you think about what you're doing right from the start. Once you're on another person's site, it is out of their power to do anything about it. For example, you wouldn't call the police in Mexico to report domestic disputes going on in Europe would you? (UNLESS it happened in Mexico while vacationing there or something similar) Of course not!! The best thing you can do is remember names of Habbo users that scammed and report them from their homepages.

    Even though pixels are free, they are still a business. They probably use sponsors to pay for the website itself but what you don't get is that it takes money to come up with designs. If they were to give away Habbo Coins to every ### that said they were scammed, they'd be out on the streets. The only thing you're teaching your child and people who read this complaint is, "If you are irresponsible, run to mom." You need to learn to pick your own battles lady, instead of thinking that your kids always right. I understand that you feel threatened by people (practically) abusing your child in some way, thus making you feel helpless. BUT...the only thing you can do is teach your children how not to get gypped online. It's the real world out there in the internet..if they can't survive without you then you're kids aren't going to make it past twenty.

    If your child truly wants a free game online(that is actually worth killing time), there are plenty to choose from. Go to this site and pick your poison:

  • Lo
      15th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    hi my mum spent 45pound on credits for me i logged on to this thing but it was habbo my mini mail my friends my amount of furn i all gone in 1 day plus Ive been banned until the year 2021 and i am gutted unfair isn't it :(

  • W1
      26th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    I thought the same thing, but you copy/paste the voucher code. You buy coins with a credit card, BUT you still need the voucher code to put on the thing.
    Did you by chance use your birthday as your password? Another reminder:
    Some browsers keep you signed into what ever it is that you didn't log out of (even if you closed the window). It could be possible that you just got hacked too though.
    As for the ban, if you were silenced from using improper language and you didn't stop, you would, of course be banned.
    Either, some jerk got a hold of your stuff or habbo is evil. lol.

  • Ds
      16th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    i agree with all coment i desided i all will agree...that u wan your money back...
    i hope all will settle the problems

  • Fu
      12th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    u are all [censored]ing gay

  • Ba
      26th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    I fell for you cause my friend han87=cool got hacked and then i did the next day by this thing called tzag i fell sorry for your kids cause i spend 10£ a week on HABBO NOT ANY [censor]ING MORE

  • Mi
      2nd of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    This site Habbo is unsafe for kids my daughter age 12 joined with her cousin and for over a week they played on this site. One weekend her laptop had a few problems so I did a thorough check on it and what I discovered was by no means suitable for children. Someone from Habbo she met asked her for MSN/Webcam and been a kid she accepted his request only for it to turn sexual and the guy wanting her to particiapate in adult activity over the net. My daughter ended all communication but the matter was passed to police who recovered ip address from the MSN conversation saved on her laptop. Before informing the police of our findings we decided to check this site out for ourselves, each room I went in I was followed and asked name/age/sex/location and pretending to be age 12 and my daughter I was time and time again asked have you got MSN/ Webcam. On one occasion we decided to accept the request only to discover once again it was someone praying on young children wanting what he thought was my 12 year old daughter to carry out gross acs in order to satisfy his sick needs. The names of the hotel rooms leave a lot to be desired "Gay & Lesbian Sex with Beds", "Strip Club" and such and this was at 11am on a sunday morning. We since found out the perpatrator was actually living in USA and was tracked down as someone who used Habbo as a way to get kids attention its not Habbo itself but the people that go on there and the lack of moderators watching room names. If you check in the section where it states if you are police responding to a crime there is no link it is false, infact the majority of the sight is false and not worth the hassle.

  • An
      17th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    Hello Today Someone gave me a redem code and I gave furniture so then the baned me and i said i forget the redem then she gave me the wrong one and deleted me her name is sweetlindseyFan. Her name dosent suit her because she is not sweet so I am Furious

  • An
      17th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    Someone Stoll everything i had

  • Dj
      30th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    Hi I got scamed on Habbo one day and the owner said: " Well you di not give me the furni you gave it to someone else. " (Witch I didn't cause i knew the owners name.) Then she banned me from the room but bfore she did i pressed the " Report " button said she scammed me gave more info and Habbo said: " A Moderator has looked at your report. " And also said: For now on please play with Habbos you know and trust then it was pearsonal!!

  • Ku
      4th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    Im sorry that happened, there are SO many scammers in habbo, especially if they see you have a lot of stuff, they will go out of their way to get your password, trust me, i've been attacked many times, and sometimes it may look legit, but it NEVER IS! Do not fall for these scams ever. Good luck :)

  • To
      5th of Dec, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Listen everyone, Habbo is mainly about the credits and being the richest person playing.
    Other games like Runescape are about different things...
    Because everyone wants to be the richest, they will take every chance they get in getting your furniture.
    However, in other games it's impossible to steal someones 'levels' and stuff.

    All you need to do, is make sure you don't give out your password and make sure you don't give anyone your furni for free! It's simple really.

    As for the 'sex' rooms and stuff, you can go onto right now and see for yourself. They don't allow such things on their site anymore. It's all about talking to people and having fun. I don't like the whole spending real money on fake money, but it's the concept of the game and you either like it or not.

  • Ih
      3rd of Jan, 2011
    -1 Votes

    i [censor]ing hat habbo i wait 25 hour5 coz they said it had promble dam straigle thay got promble [censor]ing hell

  • Ha
      15th of Apr, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Hi, I might be the ONLY ONE but, Has anyone else noticed that £3 Worth of credits only gives you 24 credits, now you may think whats the problem with that BUT, Habbo Hotel have no lowered the price to become a VIP for a moth to 25 credits ( noticed it yet? ) It is Not possible in anyway to become a VIP without spending more that £3, very crafty! Does anybody know how to send a letter of complaint to Habbo Hotel (I have searched the website and can't find a way to)

    About getting scammed, many of my friends at school play the game as well as me and not a single one of them have EVER had their accounts hacked and i doubt they ever will.
    I also don't like the idea of spend my own money on fake money that in a few years will have been thrown down the drain, so to speak, when I am not interested in the game any longer.

    P.s Sorry About the change of subject.

  • Ki
      29th of Nov, 2011
    0 Votes

    hi i said on habbo i got some free coins to give and habbo baned me so would u please add me bk on im =.king.=

  • Te
      4th of Jun, 2012
    0 Votes
    Habbo Hotel - theift
    United States

    Habbo Hotel online web site is a high risk web site. I have been a member on it for a few years but I have seen it rapidly go downhill. It claims to have moderation but you will rarely ever see any action. users swear are very sexual and racist not a place to allow your kids without your careful attention.
    If you are naive enough you use your real cash to buy game credit on Habbo they will either be stolen or items of value will be taken off your accounts its a huge waste of time and money, and if you dare to complain that you have suddenly found anything of value and credits removed from your Habbo acct to the so called help Moderation they will copy paste you the standard answer that it was somehow your fault.
    I wasted time and cash building an acct at habbo and after taken a 3 month gap to study I found most everything on it gone yet all my email and security was fine and NOT hacked when I found out a staff member mistook my acct as non active and just took what they wanted. unwilling to admit that to me or help Habbo PLC just blocked all contact from me and shut off.
    This is NOT a place you want to either send your kids or spend your money trust me it has zero customer service and zero moderation so you would be taking a huge risk with both.
    One very unhappy customer.

  • Ka
      21st of Feb, 2013
    0 Votes

    can i have habbo credits i havent had any for years i need 999999999999999999999999999999 plz

  • Ka
      21st of Feb, 2013
    0 Votes

    can i have habbo credits i havent had any for years i need 999999999999999999999999999999999 please im kayla2369 please add me

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