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I used to work for them and it is a big scam. I was paid a base pay and commission for each Shoppers Advantage or Habands Rebates worth $10 every 3 months. But all they care about is us making the sales and if not we would loose our job. They also do not have a customer service. I worked in the order dept. and if any calls for customer service were routed to us it would bring our attainment down which means when we get a call if we make a sale our attainment goes above a 100% but if that call is for customer service our attainment goes beneath a 100% and our supervisors want our attainment to be above a 100% in order for us to make commission. Now the company would route customer service calls to us when they seen our attainment over a 100%, so therefore our attainment would drop, because they didint want us to make money .There was always a new rule put in place every week that kept making it harder for the agents to make commission.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Port Saint Lucie, FL Sometimes agents would get 5 cutomer service calls in a row and all our system was programmed to do was take orders and make sales for Affinion(google Affinion and take a look at all the lawsuits against them)which was who Habnad had a contract with. So then we had to work that much harder to sell Habands customers Shoppers Advantage or Every day Privileges Gold because of these customer ser. calls that we didnt make a sale on pulled our attainment down. And I felt so bad because alot of the customers we take orders for are very old and do not understand what they are getting into when we ask them permission to bill their credit card. They think it has something to do with haband and it dont. it is a program that you have to call and cancel.[]I hated working there because the compnay was taking advantage of the employees and the customers. If anyone should read this, then please google Affinion because that is the company that has the contract with Haband and they operate out of a call center in Florida. I would receive customer service calls all the time and I could not help the customer because I was strictly there to take orders and sell.I do hope that all of you who are having problems with Haband get them worked out but you may have to wait a while and be very patient.

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  • Ki
      Jan 29, 2010

    It kind of makes you wonder, really.

    I work for the TLG company in a call center stationed in Maine. Everybody on staff detests Haband for the unethical treatment of customers and pressure to sell our memberships, IN ADDITION TO the fact that many times there are two memberships each customer ends up with, even when only one is pitched. It's sad, because we're the ones who're blamed since it's our memberships that charge the customers.

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  • Ar
      Apr 28, 2010

    As a customer, I placed an order with Haband on 4/27/2010, then wanted to contact Haband via. Phone re: a problem I had experienced. Had to do a web search to get the phone number of the call center [protected] ) and after choosing several buttons to push then a recording asked me for my FULL SSN# in order to continue. THIS HAS TO BE A SCAM as they have no business asking for this. I'm convinced after finally talking to a service rep. in person that Haband has no real security for Credit Card Infomation given to them. I will not order from Haband again for sure.

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