Haband Company / Do not shop with them

I have been the victim of comsumer fraud by Haband, a huge mail order business in New Jersey and I am writing this in the hope someone will be helped by my experience which i have learned from all the negative comments I have read on the Internet regarding Haband, tthat my situation was not unique. After three months of ### to the ###s who comprise their various "service" departments, I sent a certified return request letter to Duke Haband, President and CEO, Haband Company, Inc. 112 Bauer Lane, Oakland, NJ 07436 with a copy to the Better Business Bureau in Trenton, NJ (noted on my letter to Duke) and surprise, surprise, naturally I didn't hear from the great Duke but I did get a refund for the merchandise I ordered including postage for the certfied letter from a person in the corporate office. Keep trying and good luck. Naturally I will no longer shop with them.


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