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Haband / No order received

United States Review updated:

Was promised that order would be delivered 8/15. No order received yet.


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  21st of Jul, 2016
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I noticed that money had been taken from my account also and thought that it was just
part of what I had ordered from them. Thanks to your post I just got off the phone with them and told them that I didn't want the perks . So the girl I talked to said they would cancell the membership. To be safe however, I am contacting my bank to block any further transactions from them.
  21st of Jul, 2016
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Haband - money withdrawl without authorization
United States
Phone: 1-800-742-2263

I ordered clothing from Haband, and received them OK.
I checked my bank statement and the amount I authorized as Ok, but
also seen on my account that $1.97 was withdrawn to the company of
Haband Perks without my permission, I let that pass until I resently saw that $14.98 was withdrawn on 6/20/2009 to Haband Perks
without my authorization.
I sent an e-mail to the Company and got no results, now I want to have monies redeposit to my account, and I am no longer going to purchase any more items, and will let my friends know that is happening.
Robert T Malloy
  4th of Feb, 2013
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I order two pair of jeans and they were to small. I decided to exchange them for sweats. when the second order came it was jeans again same waist size but longer. I called to find out why I didn't get the sweats and was told they were on the way. Not so. I called again to complain and was told to send the jeans back and to mark the quality was bad and i would not be charged the return fee. Today there was a return charge on my card but not a refund. I will never order from Haband again and plan to tell anyone that will listen what poor company they are.
  5th of Jun, 2012
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They offer merchandise they do not have and make the customers wait for weeks
  15th of Apr, 2012
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I had the same problem. I was told my tea kettle was om hold until May. When I WENT to CHECK ON MY ORDER ( I bought several other items that came ).The last order that came up was Oct.2000. Also when I asked about my free knife --I GET NO ANSWER !!! iI ordered 2 sets of sheets. One set came folded, very nicely in a plastic bag. The other one looked liked someone ripped them off the bed, rolled them into a ball, and stuffed them in a thin plastic bag. Then they used a whole roll of tape and taped it up . I have I no idea where they were . I am afraid to open them. Maybe bloody, ripped, bed bugs ect... They said send them back. $ 8.95. I have to pay them, for garbage they sent me.?? PLUS I HAVE MISSING ITEMS I PAID for and may never get. I love the items--but hate the company.
  17th of Mar, 2012
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Would like to cancel my haband perks membership immediately-ID-59538496
  20th of Dec, 2011
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Haband - Horrible service
United States

I placed an order on June 7, 2011 online and received a confirmation and paid for express shipping. When I tried to check the status of the order I was never able to obtain any information on the order at all. I sent an email inquiry on June 13th, but had NO response. By early August I had given up (almost 2 months). Order arrived on August 4th. By that time there was no need for the item and in addition it was unsatisfactory. I contacted them by email for return instructions on August 9th. Again no response until August 18th. Although the information in the package indicated there was to be a prepaid return label, none was included. I then returned the item at my expense on August 10, 2011. The email of August 18th indicated I needed to supply them with the postage information to receive the refund. I promptly sent them that information. I was credited with the cost of the original item and the "express" shipping to me, but I am still waiting for the refund on the return shipping of $10.47. An email dated August 29, 2011 by Charlotte indicated I would receive the refund as soon as they received the information (I mailed the requested info on August 27, 2011). As of Nov 21, I have still not seen the refund.
Also numerous emails have been sent and in spite of their promise of 2-3 day response time I have yet to ever receive a timely response.

I would never use this company again and expect that a refund will be forthcoming immediately.
  11th of Nov, 2011
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I initially ordered two pair of Dr. Scholl's sandals from HABAND at the end of April/beginning of May and received an e mail confirmation order #. When my sandals did not arrive within the time frame, I called HABAND and got their customer service center in the Phillipines.

I asked that my order be cancelled (along with my HABAND perks membership) and was told that the order would be cancelled. Today, I found out that HABAND charged my account for the two pair of sandals (This is the order I cancelled in May) and have shipped them. The Call center in the Philippines told me nothing could be done, no guarantees. I am beyond upset with this company who is not honoring what they said they would do - cancel my order.
So I have called The N.J. Attorney Generals office ( The Dept. of Consumer Affairs). Who informed me that Haband only takes care of the people in the state of NJ. Only because the Attorney Generals Office can take action as that is the state they are based in. This was a once reputable company. But like many of our companies they are now outsourcing. This is like a firewall for thieves. They block all consumers from reaching a real company rep. The call center has to make a quota or lose their contract. PLEASE DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH HABAND. They are no longer a company that respects it's customers.
  2nd of Oct, 2011
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Haband - Stupid packers of orders
United States

As part of a larger order, I ordered 2 pair of Comfort Jeans as required to receive the advertized price I specified that the waist size be 34" and the length be short two different colors. I received 1 pair of size 34" S and another 34XL. Why would a average intelligent person think one pair should be short and tne other extra long? This is not the first time it has happend ordering one size and receiving two different sizes. I costs more to ship it back than to have it altered, if incompentness wasn't involved why Do I have to pay for these items. I just sent back a pair of shoes that I did not order, and the return was almost the amount credited. I should have been reimburst the cost do to the fact these are not my errors.
  12th of Jul, 2011
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47.95 taken out of my checking account by debit card
  12th of Jul, 2011
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i ordered 3affordabilits and 2 pairs of capris. receid a e-mail they was sending them july 5. ihavent got them yet.i havent had any trouble befor

betty flor a
  16th of Jun, 2011
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Bad company to do busineee with. Haband will through Haband Perks charge you for a membership you know nothing about.
  12th of Apr, 2011
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Haband - Terrible customer service
United States

Ordered shoes Feb. 3. No notice of ship date after 2 weeks wait. Emailed Customer Service (Haband promises reply within 2 days); no reply. Emailed Customer Service again in 1 week. Again, no reply. Waited 1 1/2 weeks to email third request for info. No reply. Tried to phone Customer Service via 800 line; got no connection.

Received tear soaked postcard apology March 24th saying shoes would be shipped 4/4 if I didn't want to cancel order. Canceled order by return mail along with comments about lousy service. Yup, account was charged and item shipped 3/25. Am a 20 year customer but will never do business with H again.
  20th of Mar, 2011
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I ordered 4 pair of slacks. I received the black, wine, navy, teal but did not receive the gray pair. Where are they and when will I receive them. Linda Gregson grannyg30986@yahoo.com
  15th of Mar, 2011
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Haband - Didn't send my order
United States

Ordered Golf shirts, 3 belts, 3 pair slacks. Included check for $71.95. To date I have had no merchandise or report on status of order?? I checked with my Bank and the check I sent you has been cashed?? I'm going to add a bunch of meaningless words to comply with your ridiculous requirement of 100 words!! blah blah blah
  9th of Mar, 2011
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Unauthorized fee from credit card monthly. Charged for shoes and never received.
  3rd of Mar, 2011
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Haband - Didn't receive order
United States

Orderd 8 pairs of slack using a form from our newspaper, enclosed a check dated 1/24/11.

on 1/27/11, you deposited this and it cleared my account.

on 2 18/11 I tried to reach thru e-mail. no response. Got phone no. from e-amil and called the # got a woman who said she was not your company. Tried 2nd time same response.

Now I'm trying again. If I do not get my order I will call my bank and cancel the check.thank you, Connie Harris 421 S Madison St Siloam Springs, Ark.72761
  9th of Feb, 2011
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I wrote to the BBB after months of them not listening to me and removing the charges. After 2 days of writing the complaint to the BBB I got a phone call and the charges were removed! BBB worked very nicely! I also signed a complaint to the fair trade commission which you can also do online at FTC.com
  5th of Feb, 2011
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My mother placed a order, a coat and two flannel shirt. She paid with a check. She received a leather coat it was not what she ordered, so she returned it, the beginning of Jan. She have not received her coat or the two flannel shirt. We would like to know why she is still waiting.

Please respond to dkm2656@yahoo.com
  21st of Jan, 2011
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My mother, Constance Theriault, placed a order by phone two weeks ago. She has not received the order. She has no special numbers for this order.

Order placed for: 2 pair of blue slippers @$21.00 for both pairs
2 pair of black boots @ $29.95 for each pair

She paid for it by credit card.

Please respond to lucinda@securespeed.us

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