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Guardsman / Warranty

1 Grand Rapids, MO, United States Review updated:

I purchased the Guardsman Elite Furniture Protection Plan for close to $400 to warranty the lawn furniture. I thought I was buying peace of mind. WHAT A MISTAKE! I called on a tear in the welding along the leg of a chair. It states in the warranty that I am protected if the " chair weld breaks apart". After days and days of waiting and paperwork back and forth, I received a form letter that said that MY chair weld break was not covered because it was a manufacturer defect. I asked how did they determine that it was a manufacturer defect because basically anything that could happen to my lawn furniture could possibly be qualified as a manufacturer defect...if they try hard enough.
The service rep just kept repeating the warranty rules, never answered my direct questions, would not give me the CEO's name or adress and eventually just hung up the phone.

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  • Cd
      3rd of Dec, 2009
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    I too have been ripped off by Guardsman. I called to advise of a spill on our dining room table. They advised they would send out the forms and I would have to complete, send back with a copy of my bill. Two weeks later, they call and to make a long story short, they called and stated that they would not fix it and/or the scratches because I had not called within five days of it happening. I asked if they would have wanted me to call them to have a serviceman come out for every scratch that happened instead of a one time accumulative call. They stated yes, but that I would have to complete forms everytime and set up a time for someone to be home. Same attitude as above. Just kept repeating the rules and would not let me speak to a manager. This is a rip-off company...they say never buy the extended warranty. We don't usually, but the the dept store made it sound so wonderful. Guardsman's modus operandi is same as every other warranty - they make it so difficult, they just hope you won't bother. Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

  • Me
      8th of Feb, 2010
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    Office Chairs Unlimited

    Office Chairs Unlimited...Mike Harley (Owner) refused to honor the warranty on my office chair. He claims there was a separate warranty somewhere in the package with the chair but none was found.

    Warranty Information directly from Office Chairs Unlimited web site. As of Feb 8, 2010, this is the only information available to the public regarding a warranty on the Office Chairs Unlimited web site. This clearly states that Office Chairs Unlimited products, at a minimum, are covered by a 6 year warranty.

    "Manufacturers warranties range from 6 years to lifetime warranties. If your item is found to be defective at any time, replacement parts will be shipped to you by the respective manufacturer. Our products are rated for a standard 40 hour work week by persons weighing 250 lbs or less unless otherwise noted."

    This clearly states that Office Chairs Unlimited products, at a minimum, are covered by a 6 year warranty.

    If this chair is warranted for the minimum mentioned on the web site, the warranty on my particular model will expire May 22, 2013 at the earliest. This would be 6 years (inclusive) from the date of purchase.

    There was nothing in the box with this chair that indicated anything regarding a warranty but had there been, it would almost seem...dishonest.

    To imply on his web site that he chooses products that are of the highest quality and warranted "from 6 years to lifetime" then slip a 18 month warranty in the box is dishonest at best.

    Mr Harley attempts to make the case that it is something I am doing wrong by stating the following to me in an e-mail dated Feb 5, 2010...

    "Please keep in mind that this chair is designed to only hold up to 250 lbs. If you are over this weight, the chair will continue to break. Another cause of the chair
    breaking can be leaning forward or to the side as to pick something up off of the ground. This type of motion wears on the mechanism causing it to eventually give. "

    I informed Mr. Harley that I weigh about 190 pounds.

    If this particular chair is not a "40 hour" chair or is designed to only be used on an infrequent basis/for display purposes only or is not an everyday chair, these facts should also be mentioned so the public will be fully informed.

    Mr. Harley's also failed to consider or mention the very distinct possibly that the chair and/or mechanical parts are of less than suitable quality for a chair like this...which seems obvious to me.

  • Ed
      11th of Aug, 2010
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    I too had an awful time with Guardsman. They are not interested in covering anything if they can get out of it. I had a sectional couch which when I phoned with a claim they told me they would send me paperwork to fill out that had to be sent back through the mail. It could not be faxed or e-mailed. My cat urinated on my couch which is suppose to be a covered benefit. When they told me the process for the claim I said what should I do about the spot it can not be left. The person on the phone told me we could try and spot clean it but that is there process for claims. We cleaned the spot and used odour neutralizers so 1 month later when they finally did send someone they said we removed the spot ourselves so they would no longer clean that area. On our sectional where there was multiple stains they clean two areas out of 5 and only one third of the chaise part. I could not believe it. Never again will I ever purchase a product from this company. Good luck trying to complain because like other comments they just keep quoting there coverage guidelines. They truly do not care about your concerns.

  • Sa
      29th of Oct, 2010
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    I have contacted Guardsman numerous times for the same stain and each time they send someone out who can't fix it. When I asked them to come out the third time they said it had been too long and there was nothing they could do. This company is a crock of s***. I will never use them again and will never let anyone I know purchase a warranty from them.

  • Ca
      30th of Nov, 2010
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    Same story here. I was ripped off as well by this company. When I purchased my sofa and love seat I bought the guardsman warranty as well. I was told it covered everything but sharpie markers and cuts from scissors. My husband was depolyed over seas and the last thing on my mind was cleaning the sofa from what our baby had dropped on it. I sent in the form and was called by an associate of Guardsman (Kat). She told me my request was denied because I did not call within 5 days of the spill. And that everyday stains were not protected and cannot do anything about scratches. When I read to her what my plan covered she went back to: "well you did not call within 5 days, sorry your husband was overseas." And then told me that I should just basically pony up the money and clean my sofa repaired professionally and get it cleaned as well on my own. WOW!!! What a way to treat the customer. This is BAD customer service and No company should be selling their warranty. I will never by the warranty ever again. I will be requesting my warranty money back from the company.

  • Lm
      13th of Dec, 2010
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    12-13-10 - I paid for a warranty that is worthless!! I called for a repair on my sofa cushion to be told they would email me a form that needed to be filled out and mailed back. Then I rec'd a call and was told that the tear in my sofa was not covered under warranty. The just kept repeating the rules and then I asked to speak to a manager who just kept repeating the rules. I told them that this was false advertising as they kept repeating the rules. Never buy the extended warranty.

  • Ma
      13th of Dec, 2010
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    I am very upset with Guardsman for them not wanting to wanting to clean my sectional. I bought the plan cost quite a bit of money. They will not honor my contract on coming to cleaning my sectional. I called a few days after the stains occurred. I even went to the store where I bought the sectional to talk to them about this issue I have with Guardsmans. I will never buy another warrenty again they are just scams.

    Madeline Stark

  • Dr
      13th of Apr, 2011
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    Guardsman had just ripped me off too. I called in my damaged sofa in january, and they said they'd mail me a form. I waited and waited They never sent it, when I called to re-request the form in march, they emailed it and said "no problem" When they received my paperwork a week later, they called and said they would not honor my warranty because I didn't return the form 30 days after making the dammage call. THEY made the error, but they didn't even have the decency to acknowledge that I did nothing wrong. I can't return a form, that they didn't send. I'm very confident that they sabotage accounts like this all the time. Same as everyone else said, they just keep repeating the rules without seeing that they are at fault. A totally immoral company who just looks very every loophole to get out of repairing furniture. They should be shut down. I have never been so disgusted. I'm going to Sears about it, they should be selling this warranty.

  • Jo
      19th of Apr, 2011
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  • Pr
      27th of May, 2011
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    All the shops who sell this plan must be part of the SCAM. I think BOB FURNITURE IS ALSO PART OF THIS SCAM.
    They took 10 days after I sent photos showing damage on sofa and finally told that it got damaged due to poor quality of leather and hence they wouldn't cover. What a cheating BOBS and Guardsman together doing. BOBS told that they would cover any kind of damage. Another reason they told is I should inform with in a week of damage happened but I informed after few weeks. What a silly reason.

  • Ka
      3rd of Jun, 2011
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    I everyone else, made a claim on my sofa that was not covered. They have 2 complete pages of things that are not covered, and 5 things that are...but sounds like even the 5 things on their covered list, are not being covered. This is one company that needs to go Bye-Bye!!!

  • Eu
      19th of Jul, 2011
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    I bought their protection when I bought my furniture from another RIP OFF CALLED ASHLEY FURNITURE . I've had nothing but run around with both of them. I'm disabled and live alone I got a dose of food poising and got sick in my recliner . When I say sick I mean from both ends . I had a waste basket next to my chair for the vomit but the other was a different story . Well next am got my daughter to come . She cleaned everything the very best she could. When they did send someone up I told them that the smell was in the wood also they said that is ASHLEYS
    problem . I wouldn't by anything from either one of them.

  • Ma
      15th of Aug, 2011
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    I too bought a complete living room set (leather) from ASHLEYS furniture and they sucked me into getting the Guardsman warranty saying that it covered cat and dog scratches, etc. That's the only reason I purchased the warranty in the first place because our "salesman" said that it covered cats. He even showed me one of their brochures that did say "any punctures, rips, tears. He pointed to that sentence and said "see, right here they say it". Stupid me believed it & by the time I actually got the letter in the mail from Guardsman with my service agreement # on it and read all of what it does an doesn't cover it was 3 months later - too late to cancel since 20 days were up!! I wasted 149.00 on this stupid worthless warranty and told the girl that today when I called to make sure it doesn't cover cat scratches. She said I could find one of their technicians locally and pay him to come out and fix it?? The balls these people have. I told her I had already given them 149.00 for nothing and wasn't about to pay one of their cronnies to come screw up my furniture even more. I NEVER, EVER pay for an extended warranty on ANYTHING but this sounded so legit that I did. NEVER AGAIN. This world is full of scam artists waiting for good people like all of us on this board. All we want it protection for our goods and all they want is our money!!! They don't want to provide a service. If anybody knows how to get cat scratches out of leather furniture they should start their own business or at least let me know via this board. I can't get rid of my cat or declaw him but I would like nice furniture for a change.

  • Sp
      2nd of Oct, 2011
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    Guardsman is a HOAX!!! Do NOT purchase a plan! I flipped out on this douche Diane that I spoke to who would not give me the CEOs name or address!!! They gave me and my husband the run around about our service plan before giving us a load of crap that they would not cover it! I'm calling the news! Losers!

  • Cr
      21st of Oct, 2011
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    GUARDSMAN EXTENDED WARRANTY IS NOT WORTH GETTING. When I purchased furniture the sales person at the furniture store said they would come out and fix anything. About 2 weeks ago I filed a claim for damaged furniture. Now, Guardsman is refusing to fix anything. Giving me a bunch of excuses that the furniture cannot be fixed. They find any excuse to NOT send out a repairman. Talked to a rep then a supervisor then the supervisor transferred me to the manager's voicemail. Who does that???!!! These people told me they cannot send a repairman because some damages were not reported within 5 days. Other damages cannot be fixed because in order for them to fix the damage it would have to be caused by someone. The supervisor even said "if you damage thw furniture and report within 5 days of that, we will send someone out because it's accidental." wow! According to the sales person at the furniture this company would come out and fix any damage. BUNCH OF CRAP!!! NOT TRUE!!! DO NOT GET GUARDSMAN WARRANTY!

  • Ru
      15th of Sep, 2012
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    I have to add my 2 cents. I just finished dealing with Guardsman, and must say how impressed and pleased I am with their service.

    About 2 months ago I punctured a hole with my stiletto heel in my leather couch, which I bought over 2 years ago, and insured with Guardsman. Once I noticed the hole, I immediately filed a claim with Guardsman (about a day after it happened). Two weeks later, I was contacted by a technician and scheduled repair appointment. He spent over an hour trying to fix it, but could not, and promised to escalate the claim to the next level. About 3 weeks went by, and I finally called Guardsman to check on the status. By that point I thought they were trying to let the claim die, slowly and quietly. Alas, I was wrong: Guardsman claims specialist told me that since they can't fix it, they can either send me a check for $450, and I can try to find a local tech to fix it. Or, they can replace the couch with an identical new one. I picked the second option, of course. 3 days later, furniture store delivered a brand new couch.

    Like any other insurance policy, in order to get it to work, we have to follow the guidelines exactly, and then the company would not be able to deny us.

    I woud recommend Guardsman anytime.

  • Pk
      27th of Sep, 2012
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    Same problem with me. I purchased a leather living room set from Haverty's in 2009 with the Guardsman Premium Protestion Plan. Now I have a issue with some deterioating fabric on my recliner. Guardsman's response, "We only handle damage caused by the owner. Not normal wear and tear". Typical! Just a way to skirt aeound coverage. The Haverty's salesman assured me that it COVERED EVERYTHING. Run away from Haverty's and Guardsman as fast as possible!

  • Ly
      15th of Jan, 2013
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    I am working with Guardsman right now on a red wine spill on my sectional. They have been very kind and speedy on sending paperwork. I worked at a furniture store when I bought this sectional, and sold Guardsman on a daily basis. I feel very bad for all these people's bad experiences, but 90% of these complaints sound like they should be directed at the furniture store, not Guardsman. Guardsman is to protect against ACCIDENTAL damage only, excluding teeth, beaks or claws. If you're sitting down in a recliner and the frame breaks, chances are that wasn't your fault- the frame was faulty. Guardsman is for what YOU do to the furniture, to cover the gaps in manufacturers warranties. My customers were generally very happy with Guardsman, but that was because we as salespeople were honest about what it covered.

  • Sc
      25th of Feb, 2013
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    Guardsman is pulling the same thing on me! Apparently they can tell from the pictures I sent them (2 rounds because they couldn't quite figure out the problem from the first 10 pictures I sent them) that the stains are old. What!?!? I can tell you the exact day my 4 year old made the stains! They're not old! They refused to budge. I told them to only come out and clean the stains they felt were "new". The supervisor, Pat, told me that they wouldn't clean the new stains because they were too close to the "old" stains. Therefore, they are refusing to clean ANY stain on my couch. Completely asinine! How do these people sleep at night? I'm not one to roll over though. I am going to take this up with Haverty's furniture (where I bought the scam of a plan), the Better Business Bureau, Angie's List, write corporate... This plan cost several hundred dollars and they are not holding up their end of the bargain.

  • Di
      18th of Apr, 2013
    +1 Votes

    ...Guardsman is quite specific about the consumer calling as soon as the stain happens. You did. I would fight this also. Sorry that you have to spend your good time fighting for something that you purchased in good faith. Stick to your guns.

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